Untouched before you

I wrote this story listening to Hurt by Leona Lewis. This story unwindes the heartbreaking and heart-throbbing tale of a lonely teenage girl who always dreamed about love but could never find it. Depression hung over her world like heavy black curtains but did she ever find someone to open them and let the light shine through? You'll just have to read to find out...
enjoy! <3 xx


1. Empty

Sharp whisps of wind slapped my concealed and blushed cheek as I walked from the old oak door of my class room to my bus awaiting me. Screams of joy and laughter pierced my ear drums on my short journey, while friends hugged as they said their goodbyes and couples linked fingers as they gazed into each others eyes and shared a long, passionate kiss. This hit me like a tonne of bricks.

My hollow heart ached as the cracks broke the surface and my flowing blood came to a hault. Death. I was dead - well on the inside. I had become a living corpse just scraping by each day, struggling to do anything other than basic daily functions and dreaming about my Mr perfect in shining armour who would come sweep me off my feet and carry me into the sunset of a perfect world of love and happiness surrounded by family, friends and our three little boys; Tommy, Alex and Jacob! Sad, I know!

I had planned out my future like a map of an exciting adventure but there was just one thing missing; him. The first stepping stone of my journey. Day by day I was on the look out, searching for my husband-to-be! I didnt care about the colour of his skin, hair and eyes or how he dressed, how rich he was, how tall he was. All I wanted was someone to love me for who I am and to hold me in their arms making me feel safe, special and loved. Surely that wasnt to much to ask for right? Everyone else seems to find love, so why not me? I never have understood quite why I'm so lonely. To be fair I do, well I did have a good group of friends who surrounded me with support and happy faces but for the last year I have almost isolated myself from the world. I have become a dull, lifeless, sullen and desperate no-body.

My family have practically rejected me; given up all hope and anxiety of my recovery from my gloomy self. My younger sister has become miss perfect, absorbing all the praise showered over her as I sit back and watch in jealousy. School grades have gone flying out the window with my mind trailing off else where. So I have given up on school and life and love. Its definate - I'm destined to be single forever so I have stopped looking for it. I'm only wasting my time.

The brakes of the bus came to a grinding hault, screeching like nails on a black board. Cringe. I rose from my seat and quickly paced down the narrow isle self-conciously as wondering eyes looked my way. I could feel my cheeks turning a soft rose colour so I tilted my head down towards the ground and let my long,wavy brown hair hang over my face.

I practically fell off the bus and stumbled over onto the damp grass at my bus stop as it drove away. I straightened up; brushing over my uniform and combing through my hair with my fingers. As I looked up I found myself astonished to be staring up a tall, slim and handsome stranger just standing their staring at me. I didnt know what to think. Should I be creeped out or flattered? Well for sure, I was most definately embarrassed to know what he just saw. I could see he was struggling to fight back a smile off his mysterious but friendly face. Before I got lost in his eyes I turned around and began to make my way home.

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