The Tomb

This is a part of a story I have been working on. But I need help so please comment to give ideas for next chapter. :)


1. The journey to the heart

As he journeyed further into the tomb the robber suddenly came to a golden door. Entering the room behind it he spotted the first piece of shining gold. From then on he was dazzled by the shining items in the extraordinarily huge space. As he wandered through he tripped on a beautiful necklace of priceless diamonds. He dropped his flaming torch on a piece of rope and watched as the dancing flames snaked their way through the almost endless room. Suddenly, a rat climbed over his feet making him jump and he landed on a strange old totum pole it opened its mouth and spoke to the robber,"Thank you robber for finding us. We have been so lonely."For as the robber realized this was the undiscovered death chamber of Tutankhamen. Although the room glowed it did not seem a happy place it instead echoed with mournful cries. The room seemed almost to be weeping but for every sob more gold and riches appeared. When the robber bent down to pick up what looked to be a particularly expensive ring he spotted a door at the end of the room and he slowly made his way towards the opening. It was a dull and dark room and as he moved around the robber spotted that the corners were covered with cobwebs. All the robber's energy seemed to be drained out of his body as he spotted the tomb... 

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