me is me

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1. Me is me


I like diffident music

I have a diffident style  

I draw with a foron art type

It's rare to see me smile 

I know im really different

Not just another sheep in the flock 

But they can poke there fun all they bloody want

I am who i am, me is me

I like being the cherry on the apple tree

When people always doubt you

It only makes you strong

and give's you the motivation to prove them all wrong

So say what you want to say i don't give a shit 

You're word's can not hurt me not one bit

So what if I daydream and doodle all day long 

How is that anything wrong 

So my point is simple i shouldn't have to spell it out.


I am who i am 

i don't care what you think

Me is me and that is it.

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