A short story that I wrote for a school project with the title of Paranormal. Enjoy!


1. Insanity

Insanity. It was someone Farah had dealt with several times over the years. In fact, it was a daily thing. Every minute of every hour of every day Farah would deal with him. His presence was not an amiable one for sure but he insisted on staying by Farah’s side, his hand entwined with hers.

“Go away!” She spat, her voice raspy and barely audible.

The constant dripping of water was his only reply, a never-ending chain of ‘No’s’, intent on breaking her.

“No,” she howled, her back arching as she fought it off.

She wriggled, trying to escape though by now she knew this was useless. It didn’t stop her though. She pulled against the chains, the four metal rings around her ankles and wrists only tightening.

She threw her head up, staring at the ceiling of the room as her eyes found the security camera forever watching her. She stared at it for a long moment, wondering how she had come to be in such a difficult situation. She couldn’t remember how long she had been here, how many times they had stuck needles and tubes into her or the amount of jeering words and spiteful hating glances that had been thrown at her.

There was a loud clank suddenly, the jangle of keys and the sliding of a bolt, a painful symphony of cackles to Farah’s ears.

A man stepped in, clothed in fresh white garments, carrying a small tray crowded with injections, tubes, needles and various other medical instruments.

“Hello Farah,” the man called cheerfully, his voice blaring in the girl’s ears.

She hissed at him, leaning away as he approached her cylinder-shaped cage.

He began to take notes, walking around her, staring at her naked body observantly.

“Weight loss, damage to the skin tissue, still conscious,” he murmured to himself.

He paused by the tray he had placed on a small table, running a tanned hand through his silky black hair. He pulled some gloves on and lifted a large hypodermic, peering at it closely in the limited light of the large chamber.

Farah glared at it though her nervousness was still clear in her dull blue eyes.

The man nodded to himself and pushed the tiny air bubbles out before turning to face Farah, his eyes sparkling with a sick excitement.

“A mixture of nitrate two five, mercury one three and nuclear residues, a fine recipe don’t you think darling? It will be interesting to see how your body reacts to this one,” he said with a sadistic grin.

She bared her teeth at him, trying to make herself look stronger and less afraid then she really felt as she resisted the urge to wrinkle her nose at the scientist’s fowl stench.

He walked over to her, pushing his hands through the metal bars and taking hold of the girl’s thin waist. She flinched at his cold touch, her body tensing as he brought the needle to her ribs. He paused, his glimmering eyes looking up to stare into her terrified ones. With a smile, he pushed the needle into her. The needle breached the skin easily, slipping through her flesh without any difficulty making the girl cringe in pain. She whimpered, her body falling limp as she succumbed to the effects.

Her hand tingled as Insanity clutched it harder, giving her an almost comforting squeeze.

“There we go,” the scientist said as he pushed the cyan coloured liquid into her, “We will see what happens.”

She attempted another growl but the noise came out feeble and weak, only making the man laugh humorously.

“Poor, poor Farah,” he cooed, stroking her bare side.

She cowered away from him, looking at the spot where the needle had punctured her pale skin. There was a faint red mark but the area was already bruising just like the rest of her body where she had been injected so many times before.

The scientist shook his head in amusement and left the chamber, tray in hand, mumbling quietly to himself before slamming the heavy metal door shut with another clang.

Relief filled Farah but only momentarily, her growling stomach bringing her back to her present problems.  Her side throbbed from the injection and her skin seemed to be burning. She let out a sigh of pain.

Insanity reached for her other hand, his arms going to wrap around her to land her in an embrace she wanted so dearly.

“No! No, go away,” she murmured though with less conviction in her voice.

She looked up, staring into Insanity’s consuming black eyes.

“I can give you relief, we are safe here, come with me!” He bribed, tugging at her hand as he filled her head with his soothing voice.

Farah did not reply. She was consumed by the agony that was surging through her blood, burning her muscles and suffocating her brain. Her body felt like it was on fire and she couldn’t do anything about it.

She stared at the door and screamed for help, for release but the door only burst into flames right before her eyes.

“Help me!” She screamed, hot tears streaming down her cheeks, scolding her skin.

There was a series of shouts and the door fell off its hinges, crashing to the floor as three people came in: the scientist, a nurse and another man.

She glared at the scientist; he was the only one that could help her. Or so, that was what she thought, hoped.

“Help me, please, it hurts!” She screamed, her eyes fixated on the scientist.

He approached her, holding an injection in one hand as he pushed his hands through the bars for the second time that day. His hand grabbed her side but before he had even brought the needle close to her skin, he jerked away, screaming. He clutched his hand which suddenly caught on fire.

“Help me!” He yelled at the nurse.

The bars of her cage suddenly burst into flames too and the whole room was bathed in warm yellow light. Everybody started screaming and Farah began to laugh hysterically. Insanity wrapped his arms around her protectively, watching the scene unfold as everyone began to burn in the hell she was creating.

“Come with me Farah, it is safe,” he whispered soothingly, embracing her comfortingly.

She leaned back into him.

“Ok,” she whispered and she lost herself to Insanity completely, the flames consuming them both.


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