I wrote this as a part of my creative writing portfolio for University, it probably only took me about 20 minutes to write, redraft and finish.
Hope you all like it.


1. Splendour


Yearned for and spited


Power through the might


Encaged in beauty silk


Force; fly, fight  



Pave ways through people  


Parting seas sussed


Old child so damn tainted  


Entity Lust



They stop


They stare



Blissful and pleased:


The essence she breathes


Reality, cross the thresh  


Falls down, grinded mess  



Empty home, beauty throne  


Sanity lacks when alone


Thick with tear, blanket fear  


Lonesome thoughts tend to leer



She stops


She stares



Yearned for and spited  


Worlds themselves tend to view


Encaged in beauty silk  


Not enough, not for you

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