A delighted fan finally gets to meet her favourite author at a book signing, but something else stems from the short encounter.

Written for a local contest that unfortunately got cancelled due to lack of entries.


1. Part I


The cold autumn leaves of orange, red and auburn were scattered on the road, painting the nature that was mixed in-between the grey shadows and dark buildings in the town square. The day was like any other - noise, colour and closeness in the area. People pushing past to get to their destinations, the sun hidden by clouds in the white sky, and a gentle breeze picking up litter and throwing it down once more.

A long line of people were waiting outside one of the many book shops around. Some were looking over each other’s heads, which were too short to try and see ahead of the line, trying to get a glimpse at what was inside the shop. Or rather who was inside.

As the wind picked up a girl’s hair, she flattened it down with her hand, trying to stop the scarlet ringlets from messing up that she had worked on for hours in order to look nice for the person inside.

Her fingernails were a sweet red colour like her hair. It contrasted with her sparkling light blue eyes. She was wearing new clothes – something she had saved up for, especially for that day.

The queue abruptly moved forwards. She moved with them, even more excitement rising in her. Soon she would be inside the shop. The doors weren’t too far away from where she stood. And then she would be able to meet him.

A large sign was propped up near where she was now standing.

James Shay – Book signings today.

A small smile played on her lips when she saw it. She couldn’t help herself. Swaying on her feet slightly, she leaned around like the other people standing in line, trying to see the doors. There were more people inside, but she didn’t mind. The amount behind her was enough to say she had got there in enough time. Three hours she had been waiting there. Every second was worth it. It was all worth the eagerness and thrill of what was to come in what could only be twenty more minutes at the most.

The warmth hit her once she was inside. She could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks. Many of the other people were rubbing their hands from the burning from the switching of the temperatures.

And there he was.

James Shay sat at a small tacky fold out table. Surrounding him were the books that contained the wonderful words that flowed out of his mind onto the pages. He signed someone’s book and looked up at them, grinning.

She sighed, wondering if maybe he would give her that same smile.

His voice was just about heard over the noise of the people talking, and how beautiful it sounded. After that person turned and walked away with the obvious expression on their face that said their heart had melted, James’ eyes scanned the line of people holding their books.

She saw it then, in his eyes – the tiredness of signing his name over and over in his own books. Who could blame him?

The queue somehow shortened and there was only one more person left until it was her turn. She started to get a little hot headed. Soon he would be signing her book... touching her book with his hands that wrote it. The woman in front of her walked away and it was her turn.

She blinked, stepping forward almost hesitant with the shock of it being her turn. She laid her book on the table that she had been clutching in her arm for most of that afternoon as a dazed smile passed across her face.

James smiled back, and she figured his power was not only just in writing. No wonder all those people’s hearts had melted.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he asked her while she looked down at his what seemed to be perfect face. For a moment she was lost in his dark brown eyes. He hadn’t used that name with the other girls.

“Jayess is what I go by.” She replied. “Um... j.a.y.e.s.s.”

James looked down at the book and started to write.

“So you’re been here all day, huh?” she smiled.

“As have all these people.” He said. “What about you?”

“A few hours.”

James was writing a note to her. She didn’t try to read it, wanting to keep it a surprise when she read it.

“What did you think of my book?” he gave her his dazzling smile. Her heart seemed to form into liquid.

“It was amazing. The ending was very tragic, though.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Really? Most people have the impression the ending was happy.”

Yes, but they didn’t read between the lines. The family secret will probably be used by Jack as some way to blackmail Summer since he wanted to kill her husband. You only put it in one line in the middle chapters. Most people forget.”

James laughed. “Ahh but perhaps it could be interpreted the other way – that Jack may try to use it but no one believes him.”

She stood for a moment as he handed her the book back.

“It was wonderful to meet you.” She said.

“Pleasure’s mine.” He replied.

As he got the next book, she stood near the table, clutching her book to her chest, before turning and walking out the door.

James looked up from the book behind him and saw her black coat whip around the shop doors and she disappeared into the street.

Jayess wasn’t even her real name.


Jayess, it is great to see the devotion of my fans. I am proud you are one of them. Love James Shay x


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