Inner Demon

Its a poem about Inner demons. Its my first poem other than one i did when i was 4 so judge it lightly.(become a fan if you want to see more)


1. Inner Demon's


Peering at the world throw a thin sheet of glass

Watching as there time comes to pass

Take the evil ones and drag them to hell

Where there dark sprits can suffer and dwell


It all becomes a bore and repetitive with gore

If only they could know for shore

What it would be like to be human

To live in the world of love and of confusion


The world of good and of bad

of happy and of sad

of good and of evil

to be in-between it all

Between dark and light


or a lest be able to show

the people of earth what they don’t know


They seem to think demons are just evil

but without them they would be weak and feeble

we give them inner strength

and will to stand

so tell me why are us demons so bad


So embrace your inner demons and destroy the evil of the Earth

Stand against the doubters that stop you being all your worth

and when you feel the whole entire world is agents you

just remember that your inner demon is your only and best refuge.

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