Love Between Death

Claire Snow was always the quiet one. The brave but confident one. When the world goes quiet the only people she has left with her are Jessica Paday and Leon Kennedy. Strange things are going on starting with her family. But when something happens at school on her last day as a senior, they are on a search for answers. But then Claire and Leon they've always been friends but is their relationship leading to something more?
Almost supernautural things are occuring and they have to stop it before it spreads through the whole world.
Before they have no place to call home.


1. Who I am

                                                                                        Who I am          Claire Snow....whenever that name came up everyone wouldn't pay attention to her, the reason:was because she was a nobody. She was an underdog, proved everyone wrong. She was sporty, talented, strong, brave, and independent. Whenever they mention the word independent they think she was never interested in a real relationship. Which was kind of true. She had jet black hair that almost seemed as if it was blue. At least no one could say that she was emo, she always had her hair up in a high ponytail with small strands of hair framing the side of her face. Her eyes we're a crystal-clear blue her face was beautiful framed perfectly. Thin as ever, she never asked out, but she didn't care she had one special friend of her's.Her name was Jessica Paday she was phillipene but was as beautiful as she was she was the popular was said. They had said Claire pulled out a gun when she got jumped one day. The gun part was true her brother Mason was the one who taught her to use it. She pulled the gun out and 'fired' at the guy he was killed. But it wasnt true because the man died a week later not because of Claire the Police officers didn't arrest her of course because she didn't do it .But the rumour was the reason why she never dated. No one trusted her especially the guys. But there was that one guy that always saw a different side of her.        His name was Leon Kennedy. Hot name for a hot guy Claire woudl always think but always to herself. He wasn't a player and he never broke a girls heart somehow they would break his. Claire didn't understand why, he was handsome and brave. He had caramel hair that dropped over his face short (of course) he had green-blue eyes that seemed to change color by the lighting of the room. He was well built and was very athletic broad shoulders and everything. Claire knew him for a long time ever since they we're little. Sometimes he would catch a glimpse of her out in the hallways she'd look back. Everyone that was his friend always kept him away from her but the thing is nobody knew that Leon knew Claire ever since they we're little kids. They always stayed together as if he was her other older brother. Leon always talks to her after school they would walk home and laugh together they live next to each other and they would always go to one anothers houses Jessica was the only one who knew about them and she always told Claire "Hey Claire you and Leon look like a cute couple."      She always laughed about it but as she sat in last period which was her homeroom and thought about it she realized everything she's been missing out on. Then the sound of the release bell woke her from her daydreaming it was the second to the last day of school she was a senior and she was intellegent enough to go to college and that was her plan.

       As Claire and Leon we're walking home together they didn't really talk much since both of them we're listening to their music and triyn to hide from the other people from school that didn't know about any of this. Claire walked up to her front door and gave Leon a smile,she was the only one who did that to anybody and he enjoyed it but when she walked into her house she found nothing but silence then she went up to the dining room table and saw a note left by her Mother which was odd because her Mother never left any notes for her. So she picked it up and read it;        Dear Claire,

I went out of town there is some food in the fridge Leon's parents left out of town as well only a few im gonna be gone for a while love you

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