Can Phoenix help the one he loves???


1. Feelings

The wind was whistling. The branches tapping on my window. The river rushing by. The moon`s reflection on the extended river. Stars gleaming. It was white translucent, it moved reluctantly. Each move was soft. The tree standing alone in the middle. The branches looking for protection. The leaves rustling on the bare concert pavement.

I lay awake looking up at the celling. My eyes would not close. I lay there thinking. Thinking about what? Phoenix that was who I was thinking of. He was the hottest guy in school; he had blue eyes, light brow hair (that was to die for). Every girl in the school had asked him out except me. He rejected every girl. I loved him, I crave for him, but I don`t have the guts to go up and ask him. I think he would reject me like he did to the other girls. Every time I saw him my heart skips a beat. Oh, I forgot to mention that he had six pack, he has so many features, but they are hard to describe.

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