1. The Loser And The Other

The Loser and the other have been at war

Of course, the Loser is the foe


But the loser is wining, what a travesty!

He leaves no hope for amnesty


Like pawns in a game of chess,

‘L’ is on my face

Who else, but the loser within me


On my forehead, his name tattooed

But this is not only the Loser’s story, but the Other’s tale too


The loser is a beast that rules with an iron fist

Name all the villains and he would top the list


He calls himself 'D'

With a surname 'Evil'


He always speaks with a raised tone

Especially when I draw him as a skeleton


He prefers a picture with flesh and wings

‘A ring-a-ring of roses’ he sings like a dirge


The loser and the other once lived in harmony

Alas, the Loser’s smiles were all phony


They were like Siamese twins -

Borne by Her Majesty, the Queen


They shared equally like the yin and yang

But the loser wants the whole shebang


The greedy Loser is deflating the other like a puncture

Giving the other a mental fracture


Syphoning all the energy, the oomph and the va-va-voom

His triumph makes life bleak and gloom


You can call the Loser a prick or a twit

He invented Halloween’s ‘Trick or Treat’


The other is called 'Chris'

With the moniker 'T', I call him Mr Bliss


I forget his other name that starts with 'J'

It is probably 'Jovial'

Because he is always happy, in a robe and a poncho


He is the light in the dark

The fresh breeze in the park


I call him The Great Divine

His, is a beauty I cannot define


I hear he once made wine without plucking a vine

And funny enough, he cast the Loser into a swine


The other is the reason I never committed suicide

Because his love is always on my side


But blimey, he is neglected

Starved, malnourished, but never slimy


Today the battle reaches a climax

At daggers drawn, taking it to the max


I’m totally vexed

If the loser wins will you be perplexed?

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