Still Hopeful

A short short aout a girl wanting to be forgiven.


1. Still Hopeful






         Still hopeful. These two words echo through my mind. Is it possible now to go back in time? I cling on the railing near his house, watching sadly as he walks away. I remember every word of his anger. Even when five years passed by slowly. When he had found out that I was cheating on him. I watch as he leaves the building. I follow him while he walks towards the other side of the school. The willows by the graveyard weep louder with each step.

         The memories still ache. i remember opening  the door only to find me and his best friend kissing. The roses in his hand had turneed to ash. What was left of his soul. Why did he have to arrive early? Afterwards, he was never the same.

          He opens the rusty gate and enters. The graveyard seems to laugh as I follow behind. Ten paces later he stops. Kneels by the grave. Starts crying. I turn away when he wscreams out my name.

          "Will you do it this time?" I whisper in his ear. My words flow past him like the wind. I know he cannot understand me.

"I beg you..." He doesn't. Instead he wipes away his tears and leaves a new batch of roses. A painful memory that adds on to my burden. He doesn't forgive me. Even a little.

             When he leaves, I sit down on a tree trunk, pulling my snowy white dress closer to me. Bowing down to the invisible forces of the inbetween. I jerk back up. Still hopeful. I smile through my tears. Drops of dew trickled down a leaf. When he forgives me, I will be free. I wait for him. I am still hopeful.

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