Mermaid's Lust

Ava Goldhawk lived in England before she met Lucifer, a small gold dragon. The pair become friends at once, but when her people find out and she is forced to flee, her and Lucifer find them selves held captive by the infamous Skovsgaard in Denmark, can they escape together?
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1. A Stowaway and a Dragon

I sat in the tiny space underneath some sacks, damp and afraid, very thankful Lucifer could keep me warm. If I was found I would most likely be killed. I was a stowaway on a ship which was heading across the North Sea towards Denmark, trying to escape from my people in England, they had chased after me brandishing knifes and bows and swords. I ran, ran to the docks and jumped aboard the nearest ship, I had gathered the destination from the crew as we sailed. The only reason for this was, Lucifer. He was my little golden dragon, only the size of a small cat, but any size of dragon meant magic. My people were afraid of Magic.

A cold wind brushed my shoulder, I shivered. Lucifer stirred and raised his head, his scales shimmered like sunlight even though it was cold and rainy. I smiled. Suddenly he tensed, and got up, peering his little head above the sacking. 

Danger he said, I jumped slightly, I had never quite got used his way of comunicating, I just heard what he wanted to say in my mind. I nodded, and looked above the sacks, four large, strong men approached, all wearing grey sailors outfits and carrying large swords, they grinned menacingly. 

"ahh, it appears you were right Mason we have a stowaway," said the leader "and, oh gosh, a dragon as well! Skovsgaard will be pleased to hear this!"

He said something else, but I did not hear it before a large piece of wood hit my head. The last thing I heard was a low, loud angry growl from Lucifer.

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