Anger Management

Ever get so mad you picture fighting them? What if you did it? What if, you got so mad you couldnt help but fight, even kill? When your mind is not your own, things can get a little crazy. Some people like crazy.


1. Just another day at the office...

As the handcuffs tightened around my wrists and they lowered me into the car I felt kinda relived. I always do right after. I'm like a generator. It builds up until I let it out. Then it builds up again. I looked down at my blood soaked loafers and a grin came to my face as I said, "polished the shit out of them, now look". The officer in the passenger seat turned to me with the look of disgust on his face. His smug fucking face! Eyes looking at me like I'm scum. Fucking raping me with those blue eyes that as soon as I'm out will be crushed under my fist, I will tear out his spine and spit on h...

My concentration was cut by the other officer getting in. His fithy fat ass... STOP! Why do I get like this. I rubbed the damp blood between my fingers and a toothy grin came to my face. The officer in the passinger seat turned to me, with a slightly brittle tone he mumbled "You are under arrest for the assult and battery of one Garret Malt, do you have anything to say, anything you do say can and will be used as evidence" It felt like a hammer in my chest, "No!" It burst from my lungs carrying enough anger to shake the officers bones. The driving officer turned. He looked at me with pure disgust and grunted "I've seen your kind before, I'm not scared".

The voice in my head went crazy.

murder, mutilate, stab and bite! stomp his skull into the pavement

I caught his gaze and didn't back down. "I killed Garret, his blood is on my hands, his skin under my nails, his flesh in my teeth, I fear nothing and no one! I am West and you will fear me!"

A confused look struck his face. He turned to his partner and picked up a file. He looked at it puzzled. Your name is Adam Pride correct? I started to shake as I realised it had happened again!

He caught my gaze and whispered, "Who is West?"

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