The Demon

A 402 word short story about a boy who goes into an abandoned house and doesn't like what he finds........


1. The Abandoned House

I went inside the old burnt house; there was dust hanging from corner to corner like a trap waiting to spring.The scuttling of spiders and other creepy creatures of the dead could be heard from as far as Egypt.Dead bluebottles were scattered across the concrete floor cracks and holes filled with dust and diseased creatures.The light entering the shack was minimal as the windows were clogged up with dirt,dust and cobwebs.Shining the torch across no man's land I headed for what looked like somewhat of an exit.Speeding up towards the hole in the wall I tripped up on something, I shone my torch down but the battery ran out. I reached toward my feet grasping for the object I fell on.A cold hard lump met the sweaty skin on my hand,I felt around;that was odd I felt prickles-maybe whiskers-soft silky fur and 4 tiny feet with 4-5 digits.Disgusting!A dead mouse.I quickly moved my hand away and wiped it on my clothes. 

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