That's Life!

This is a story about a young girl in school and the things she has to face!
It has A Spoonful of romance, a cup of comedy, a jar of studying and a heap of secrets! Most people think school is a breeze but not for Lily, she has to get A*'s in all her classes and have a social life at the same time!
Can she do it?


1. Chapter 1

It was the end of the summer holidays and mum dragged me to Morrison’s to get the last minute school stuff! Everybody was rushing around, getting sandwiches and the last pair of shirts before tomorrow. It was chaotic!

My mum asked me to get some bread for my little brothers sandwiches. He's still in primary. Year 4 I think ...

He’s called Lewis by the way and he's very cheeky, but he has the cutest of smiles so he gets away with murder.  But back to the story, I was about to go get the bread when a rush of kids, about the same age as me came running through with a security guard running after them! My baby sister felt the draft come past her pram and she started crying I decided to investigate; I got my phone out and ran down the aisle after them!

I pushed past people, knocking things off shelves and running as fast as I could to get to the bottom of this. I wanted to be the school newspaper editor and this was the perfect chance for the front cover, I could call it Crime and Catching, well you know, you get what I mean. Anyways I’ll have to choose a name later! I reached the end of the aisle and saw the security guard jump at the boys, he grabbed something from one of the guys hands and gave it to a till assistant. Everybody came rushing round after and started taking pictures of the boys. Whilst everyone was taking pictures I took a close look and realised two of them were from my form, one was Luke, the other was Ryan. The other two I weren’t sure about, as the noise level fell my little brother and mum came running through the crowd and said "where have you been?" I replied

"I was seeing what happened mum dad told me I had to be model student and to take responsibility and if you want me to take all of these responsibility’s then you have to let me see what it’s all about"

I guess you realise I just blabbered on about rubbish there to shut them up but it was more than that my mum questioned

"What responsibilities?"

I didn't know what to say because whatever I said would put me in a trap, but I said what I wanted to do the most!

"You said that you wanted me to be head girl and the4 newspaper editor so that is what i am going to be!" i exclaimed

"Well if that is what we really said then ... Ok we will get you ready!" she replied

We went to the checkout and I had to pack the bags because my mum said it was my responsibility, Oh god why did I put myself up to this?

I put my little brother in the trolley to stop him from running around and my little sister in the other seat so she could sleep and went back to the car. I was thinking FINALLY out of disaster!

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