Must Find You

A true story.


1. A One Saturday Chance

Dear Stranger,



How do I find you?


It was March 24, 10:45am when my friend and I went into that coffee and tea shop. We were talking and enjoying brunch, when my friend signalled to my 4 o’clock. I followed her line of vision and there I saw the cutest little (I’m assuming) Japanese Spitz, which looked exactly like my dog when she was 2 months old.


The little puppy was getting picked up by you, stranger. Now I don’t know why, but you probably sensed that we were looking, or I may have squealed a bit and you heard, that you looked our way, smiled, and my heart melted. Adorable puppy plus cute guy? I was hooked.



I also noticed the table next to us smiling at the puppy. I think pretty much everyone in the second floor was entranced by the Spitz. He or she was a star! And you were too.



My initial reaction would’ve been to walk toward the puppy and play with it. I wanted to hold it, but too much of its cuteness froze me. So the moment passed and you went back to your chair with your two friends – a girl and a guy. I kept on looking back to get a glimpse of the tiny white ball of fur.


I even asked my friend if she wanted to get her picture taken with it, although it was really me who wanted the photo with the little dog, but she said she was shy. So even I didn’t push through with it. Besides, my friend and I needed to leave for our 12nn-3pm ticket to the museum nearby. We left at around 11:30 so we would have enough time to walk around the museum’s playground area.



But now I want to find you. I regret not having introduced myself and made new friends (with you and your companions).


I wish I could see you. If I do, I promise I will no longer hesitate. I think I’ll visit that coffee and tea shop again, just in case.

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