Winter's Chill

Kathryn Wintrell is running away. Her husband is angry with her and she's afraid of what he might do. The city of London is beckoning her and she is longing for its smoky embrace...


1. New Beginnings

The sounds of the horses’ hooves drum a beat into her skull.  Her body, rigid and taut at the start of the journey, has now sunk into the rhythm of the beast below her.  Her mind's elasticity has returned and she's now just enjoying the thrill of the ride, as they bound across fields and fields of newly bound hay.


Kathryn vaguely wonders how far her destination of London is in relation to where she is now.  She has no idea how long she's been riding for and the dusky night sky isn't giving anything away.  Not that she cares - she's just elated to be on her own, to be off on an adventure finally!  Giddy with excitement, Kathryn pictures her husband as he discovers she is gone.  The confusion, anger and then despair when he realises his beloved wife has left him.  The reality of it hits her then.  'I'm finally free!' she thinks to herself and laughs aloud.

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