Kiss The Girls

Inspired by the novel ''Kiss The Girls'' by James Patterson

Involves various poems that I've written over the years, some great, some not so great :)


1. Kiss The Girls

I took the lives of many and didn’t even care Broke through the foundations that made up their homes and left them in despair, I have their blood on my clothes and their screams in my ears Their fearsome eyes in my mind and their bodies in the trunk, Nothing can stop me not even the greatest of all fears. I kiss the girls hello and I kiss the girls goodbye But nothing can beat the urge that is created in the depths of my mind An urge stimulated by an empowering sexual fantasy, Evolving from my years as a teenager and accompanying me into my manhood I do this for no-one but for my own greater good Compensating on the love that was denied to me when I was a child, Taking on a radical sexist attitude and lashing out at the women The women of today, Women who claim to be good wives and good mothers Sensational girlfriends and sensational lovers, But the jury is out and the verdict is in I kiss the girls hello and I kiss the girls goodbye, A beast in the wilderness just waiting to close in on his chosen one The adrenaline rush is predictable But it is the chase through the streets And the fight in the cabin that is the most enjoyable. Their muffled screams seep through the duct tape And their tears stream down like waterfalls But nothing gets in the way of me forcing my way in And taking away their souls. I kiss the girls hello and I kiss the girls goodbye, I kiss the girls while I fiercely take away their lives I kiss the girls once more just to free my mind.

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