Paradise Sinners: Hevanjulia's story

Paradise Sinners is a collection of stories about different creatures in one corrupted kingdom, deciding to rebel against the King because of there own back story. This is the leader of the rebelion club Hevanjulia's story. (Other movellas wiill be written about the others in the rebelion and so on)


1. Delicious blood...

I saw him leaving the Kings castle. HIs footsteps where fast, stressed. Easy target even better to dispose of. I inhaled the burning air and his soothing blood filled my nostrils with great flames in my throat. The back of his infantile human mind told him something was wrong, and paranoia filled his thoughts. He looked around for me, the danger. His worst enemy at this given moment. So he had the right, even made the kill better. He just never thought of looking up, perfect by me as here i sat on the rooftops following him with my gaze.

He turned around a corner, and this is when i move in. Nobody is here all resting for tomorrows festival. As he turns to this dark place of the town i have my moment where disposal really isen't hard at all. No one suspects him missing not with his being so important but someon else takeing credit for his job. A vital person to kill and yet nobody cares. I jumped down from the rooftop silently. The sound could have been just a casual step taken by himself, his muted human ears not hearing my sound or my silently walking after him. 

He stopped to finally look up, too late for that and his neck was revealed i coulden't hold my thirst anymore. I leaped forward a hiss moving threw my teeth as he turned  his head to late. I had already grabbed the top of his head and his shoulder crushing his skull. He grunted in pain as i bit into his neck vains and pure, rich blood flowed into my mouth. I sucked the delicious liquid into me and let him fall to the ground when i was done. 

I whipped away his blood from my mouth and lifted his limp body up on my left shoulder then i heard voices and steps only a few meters away....

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