Being Alice

Alice in Wonderland at Alice's point of view.

With Many thanks to Vicki for helping me make this movella a sucsess!


1. Chapter 1.

So here I was sat on this tree with my older sister reading to me with my cat gently playing with my blonde hair. "Alice, are you paying any attention?" My older sister Elizabeth asked. "Oh pale blue" I replied. "Do you want an education?" Elizabeth huffed. "Depends" I shrugged as I placed another daisy chain on my Cat. loudly Elizabeth gave a tutt to the world and carried on reading. Why is it always about my future? Can't it ever be about hers? I want to drift of and be free and be on my own, I don't want to be taught Latin or literature like my mother wants me to. I don't want to be the perfect, intelligent Alice I just want to be a normal care free like any other girl my age. Quietly I hopped off the tree with my cat trailing behind, luckily Elizabeth didn't notice so I ran to the meadows. The fresh air beated across my face and my white apron wrapped around my waist flapping with the rythym of my running pace. Daisies brushed against my feet as the smooth scent of velvet roses slithered up my button nose. Delicately I tip- toed towards the river letting myself leave heavy footprints on the daisies, As I sat down I stared at the shocking image of myself in the river. "Urrrgh" I groaned looking at my perfect hair style, "Why do I have to be so so perfect?". Randomly I started to let out a single tear from my left eye, I started to close me eyes hoping I would open them and see a messy confident Alice which stands out in the crowd. As I opened my Eyes I didn't get what I wanted but a very bizarre Rabbit came hopping by with white fur and a finely tailored velvet purple waistcoat. "What a strange creature!" I mumbled. Quietly I let my feet get drenched in the water as I followed this animal. "Hello There!" I shouted to the white rabbit. "I'm late, I'm late!" The Rabbit replied. I jumped in shock that the rabbit replied in fleunt english, Isn't that impossible? As the rabbit ran I struggled to catch up, slowly more brambles and bushes stratched my feet as I fighted my way through the wilderness. Suddenly the Rabbit jumped down the hole big enough to fit 5 teapots through. I looked down the hole, there were no roots or grubby worms crawling round, It was endless black. I leaned forward and lost my grip I tried to grab onto the long grass surrounding it but it wasn't strong enough, I started to fall...

"Wha-?" I screamed. I don't know if I'm scared or confused, cold air became my coat as I fell down this endless hole. As I looked abouve my cat looked comical hissing in fright. Pianos and umbrellas were everywhere with globes and rocking chairs and- The list can just go on. "Why Is everything so, Ouch!" I said. I realised I landed on a checked floor which leaded to a minuture mouse sized doors. "Is this a dream or reality" I stuttered. Everything I've seen is impossible so it must be a dream, or have I fallen through a Black Hole? Elizabeth used to teach me astromony and I've heard all about them, they seem to sound impossible and very unlikely but having seeing this, they must be possible. Right?. I tried to open the door, but it was rock solid, I looked through the keyhole and all I could see is a blur of colours so I tried to carry on opening the door. "Owwwww" Howled the door knob. I jumped in such fright, Isn't life starting to get confusing? "Hi, um, I'm Alice" I trembled. "Alice, don't you have any manners?!" The door knob shouted. "You- you're a talking door knob" I shivered. "Yes of course I'm a door knob!" The door knob shouted. "Oh sorry, Mr. Door knob. I am very lost, you see I've fallen down a hole and I am very scared" I said. The door knob frowned I response. "Well go to that table over and eat that cake" The door knob told me. Without replying I ran to the shimmering glass table and took a really large bite. "Oh and don't eat, too much" The Door Knob ordered. Oh my God I am shrinking down to the floor, I am small enough to fit through the door. "Right will I be able to get through now?" I asked. "Well, the thing is, ummm. I forgot to tell you that you were meant to get the key before you ate the cake" He mumbled. "Oh," I cried, "Oh, oh, oh". I started to cry large tears, within seconds I created a large deep puddle surrounding me. 'Am I going to be stuck here forever?' I thought. I tried to stop crying but I couldn't, I was flooding this endless room I was starting to swim in tears and suddenly the tiny door swang open with the amount of water was pushing on it. I was starting to swim out into the open. I think I'll call this world from now on wonderland...

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