One Breath Away

After quitting the force, Claire Owen now leads a "normal" life. With a fantastic job and loving family, everything is perfect; that is until a mysterious package arrives on her doorstep. The package tears her life in two, leaving her to pick between her future and her past.
However, only one path will allow her to remain alive.


1. 1.

He watches in silence. He watches the woman as she wakes, watches her as she sleeps. Forever watching, forever waiting. He waits for the perfect time to put his plan into action. He has planned meticulously for nearly a year now. He is confident that he will not fail, he has put too much time into this for anything to go wrong.

He has lost track of his past life, after she killed Daniel he became Ghost, focusing only on the future. He sleeps wherever he can find shelter, eats whenever he can find food. He is unrecognisable, just another homeless person, just another statistic to the Government. No one notices and no one cares about him. In his eyes this is an advantage, this will make it easier for him to exact his revenge on her.

He is Ghost, and it is in the coming week that her life will take a turn for the worse.

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