One Life, One Death, One Chance.

Cecilia Adams isnt a huge fan of her life, in fact she's not a fan at all, but when a she's involved in a tragic accident, she realises how good I her life actually was.


1. The Screams

Cecilia sighed. Doing her homework wasn't as she thought it would be. Cecilia Adams is a shy, sensitive girl and she finds the only joy she has in life is... her homework, but this time it was too hard. Not the homework, the shouting and screaming coming from the room across the hall, at 26 WookLee Road, where Mr and Mrs Adams, the loudest diagreeing couple on the road, lives.

Cecilia covered her ears. Her mum and dad had been fighting praticly since she was born. Maybe even before. Only this time it was the worst fight they had ever had. "Why don't they just split up if they hate each other so much" Cecilia would ask herself. The screams started to get louder, and louder. Cecilia couldn't bare it any longer. Suddenly, Cecilia let out the biggest scream you would ever hear.

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