Questioning life?


1. Life

If my last day on earth was today,
I'd say what I wanted to say,
No threat or shadow should pass my mind,
Or ghost of past creeping from behind .

I'd have no time to question 'am I the best?',
But leave the pieces on the ground to rest,
And spend my time however long I've got,
With lifes true friends- no one has a lot.

Rules hold no cards in life's poker game,
Right an wrong- life's restrictions we blame,
What do we regret? What's are biggest misgiving?
Only what we cowered from in the move of living.

Scientists can't prove heavens there,
But I think that's only fair,
If life's a test, keeping quiets the cheat,
Let your mind fly, feel what you speak!

Thus ;

You can kill the body,
You can damage the flesh,
But you can't kill the soul,
I think that's for the best.
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