The Boy Next Door.

Zara is a typical teenage girl with a wild sense of humour, as the beggining of the story starts of serious, the humour weves its way in. When Zara starts dreaming about the boy that moves in next door she knows that something weird is up, but decides to get to know him and show off her amazing humourous skills.


2. Getting Along

I’m running through the forest, five meters behind me is my best friend Maddison Carter, why I’m running from her I don’t know. I can’t stop, my legs just keep moving, I start screaming for help as I run further into the forest. I trip over a big lump of wood, I turn around and there she is standing over me shouting something, but I can’t hear her. I open my eyes to hear my dad yelling at my door.

 “Zara! Get out of bed please, I need you to do me a favour!” I roll over and look at the time it’s only 10:35, can’t I sleep in on the weekends anymore?!

“What do you want?!” I yell at my dad. I’m not in the mood to run around and do things for him.

‘’I need you to bake some muffins and take them next door to Lynn’s house, because her nephew has just moved in with her and I think it would be polite if you showed some interest.” I jump out of bed. I am interested! I want to know who the boy in my dreams was, and why I was dreaming about him.



Today should be good, I’ve called Maddi and she’s going to come over and make muffins with me, I told Maddi my dream about the boy next door and now she seems more interested than me to find out who he is. I hop out of the shower and brush my teeth before walking over to my wardrobe to find some clothes to wear. I have major difficulties choosing between my blue maxi dress or my short shorts and a singlet. After staring at the two different outfits for what seems to be ages I decide my maxi dress is the best option. Maddi starts knocking on my bedroom door, she must have let herself inside because dad’s left for work. I walk out of my room to find Maddi fixing her hair in my bathroom. Today Maddi’s wearing a black singlet with a grey high waisted skirt that has small rips down both sides, it actually looks amazing. I walk into the bathroom to do my hair, I quickly tease it a little before just letting it fall down the sides of my face, its good enough for me, but not Maddi.

“Here let me plait it.” Maddi stands behind me and takes over styling my hair she does the perfect fishtail-braid going down my back, it starts of really loose and a bit messy up the top then gets tighter and neater as it gets lower. Once Maddi and I finish ‘prettying ourselves up’ we go down stairs to start making muffins. After half an hour Maddi pulls the most perfect choc chip muffins I’ve ever seen out of my oven.



Were standing out the front of Lynn’s house for a few seconds before she actually opens the door.

 “Oh hello there Zara and Maddi, Zara your dad told me you would be coming.” She smiles and I hand her the muffins,

“Hello Mrs Zanders, dad told me that your nephew has moved in, sounds interesting,” I had more to say but I got cut off.

“Oh yes... Tate! Please come to the front door you have visitors” Lynn smiles and turns away, “Oh and thanks for the muffins girls!” Tate gets to the front door, he looks around my age, 16. He has scruffy brown hair and a very muscular build, he has gorgeous hazel eyes. I look deep into his eyes, and just like the boy from my dream they make me feel like I’m lost in a maze.

“Do I know you two young ladies?” He stares at me with a seductive smile on his face.

“I’m Zara, I live next door, and this is my best friend...”

“Maddi, I’m Maddi.”

“We were just wondering how you were settling in to the neighbourhood.” I added after being rudely cut off by Maddi.

“Oh, well hi there Zara and Maddi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m settling in fine thanks.” He’s still staring at me as if he recognizes me as much as I recognize him.

“OK well if you ever need any help, I’m just next door,” I think about adding on the fact that I’m rarely even home because I’m always out with Maddi, but I decide to leave it out.

“Zara and I are about to go down to the local cafe, would you like to join us?” Maddi is out of her mind. I nudge her softly and she looks at me, I mouth the words ‘What are you doing' to her.

“Sure I’ll come, just give me five?” he turns around and walks inside.

“Maddi! What are you thinking!” she goes to talk but I cut her off, “We barely know the guy!”

“Well, he’s kind of cute...”  She’s right he is kind of cute... I’m not too sure about him though.




We arrive at the local cafe, and Tate offers to pay for lunch, but I refuse to let him. It was kind of awkward sitting down having lunch with him, but he made good conversations.

“So Zara how long have you lived here for?” Tate asks me.

“My whole life, my parents bought the house we live in before I was born, then my mum divorced my dad when I was only five, I’ve lived with my dad ever since.” Why did I just tell him that? I barely know him and I’m basically telling him my life story. That’s not like me, at all! The rest of lunch was really strange, I kept saying things I wouldn’t normally tell someone that I barely know. Like I told him about the time I was only twelve and I saw my uncle bleed to death, which isn't even true so  don't know why I said it, I think I saw it on a movie once. I was happy at the end of lunch though, we all went to leave the shop and about five meters out of the door I tripped over, but when I turned around there was nothing there. I was sure that I saw a cat or something, but Maddi said I basically tripped over air.



It’s Monday morning and I’m getting ready for school, is all I have to do know is brush my hair. Someone’s knocking on the door, I run down stairs to answer it, it can’t be Maddi she said she won’t be at school today. I open the door to see Tate.

“Hey Tate, what’s up?” I try being polite but there’s something dodgy about him.

“I’m not sure which bus to catch to school, I was hoping you could help me maybe?”

“No, Tate I cannot help you. I will make sure you miss your bus and that you are late on your first day, then you will get a detention depending on how late you are, then I’m going to tell everyone that I know you from another town and your an annoying irritating person who needs to grow up, then you will have no friends and you will be forced to eat your lunch in the toilets hoping that no one hears your pitiful cries.” Tate backs up a few steps and just stares at me with his confusing, yet gorgeous hazel eyes. I wonder how serious he thinks I am. “and then after someone hears your pitiful cries, Blake, the school bully will try and flush your head down the toilet. After that he will steal your lunch money every day, then every time he does something wrong, which is quite often, he will just put the blame on you and you will spend most of your pitiful days crying in detention for no reason.” Tate just frowns and goes to walk off, but I grab his arm so that I can apologize.

“Zara, you’re heartless. Do you have any idea what I have been through in my old school, it was horrible...” he starts yelling so I cut him off.

“Tate, I’m so sorry, I was only joking. You may take some time learning to adapt to my sense of humour.”

“Do you know what it’s like Zara?” he paused for a second before he continued yelling “to have a millions of girls after you, every day, every waking hour of your life.” I just stare at him as if he’s crazy, before I reply.

“Tate. This school’s going to be no problem for you then. Because no girl here in their right mind would even think about looking at you let alone chasing you.” He stares at me and smiles.

“More humour?” he asks.

“No that was serious.” I smile at him before laughing, but then I add “but yes Tate I can show you which bus to catch.”

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