Requiem: Life on Verigo

Requiem is an epic trilogy, written in an autobiographical style, we get to see the world from the eyes of a street urchin called Rilley Faliin; better known as Daw'ka.

In 'Life on Verigo' we learn about the history of humanity; from them leaving Earth in search of sanctuary, to them colonizing the planet of Astril. Then we follow Daw'ka's life on his home planet of Verigo, as he watches his mother die he knows his life is going to change. He finds love, friends, enemies and tragedy.


8. Horndew Dene

That scream. I dreaded on hearing that sound the whole time I was running, I kept pushing horrible thoughts out of my head and told myself over and over that it would all be okay. I remember trying to force a smile at times when playing the 'game.' Trying to get into the spirit of things with Amé. Trying not to seem scared. When I did hear that scream, I did the only thing a man in my possition would have done. I smiled. 
     Soon after the scream laughter could be heard coming from the bushes. "You found me!" A sweet high pitched voice followed the noises of jubilation.
     I limped over to the bushes but fell over a root and landed face first through the brambles and onto the muddy floor beneath. I picked my head up and took in the view. There sitting crossed legged with some furry beast in her arms sat a small blonde girl, her hair tied in bunches, the plats coming undone on one side. Her equally muddy face looked at mine and smiled broadly, "took your time. Look what I found!" Her voice like nectar to my ears after what thoughts I had going around in my head. 
     Amé knelt beside her, giggling at the state I was in. I never felt more embarrassed, except when I noticed Amé leaning over to pet the small animal and got an eye full of cleavage, which, even more embarrassingly, she noticed. 
     "Eyes on the prize huh Daw'ka?" she said coyly. I could only blush and look away. "This is Eliza, the best hide and seek player ever. Even when we are meant to find her, she still manages to find something else."
     "What is that thing? I haven't seen anything like it before." I managed to reply, the blood now leaving my cheeks.
     "It's one of them pet things the rich citizens have." Amé said. "how it got here I don't know, I think it's called a cat-"
     "I'm naming it Nernard!" Eliza interrupted. 
     With the mood now back to normal and all the excitement about missing persons finished I could finally start asking Amé some questions. But she had had the same idea and, like always, was quicker than me.
     "So Daw'ka, other than a poor runner and second rate pervert, what's your story? Cos right now I know more about Nernard than you, he smells better too," she chuckled.
     "Listen you're very sweet and all but I'm very tired, I've had a long rough night. I've just been made homeless and really just wanna be by myself."
     "Oh jeez i'm so sorry, It was your mam that died last night?" I could only nod.
     She placed her hand on mine and tried to comfort me, her hands now felt warm, calming. Loving. The beautiful silence was broken by a sudden splash of water and manic laughing. The noise caused Nernard the cat to jump and dart out from the bushes, Eliza blindly followed after, hating to be parted from her new friend so soon after meeting him. 
     I, not knowing the danger that was about to befall us, kept looking into those emerald green eyes and felt the warmth now spread from my hand up my arm and into my chest.
     "Look what we have 'ere fellas!" Those shouted words followed by Eliza screaming snapped me out of Amé's trance. I grabbed a nearby log, easy to hold and heavy, and left the safety of the bushes and into the ring of fire.
     I stood tall, my leather jacket swaying slightly in the breeze, my eyes were met by the shapes of three men. They stood hunched over and skeletal due to a long overuse of drugs. All three wearing grey work overalls, each with shortly cropped hair, and in their hands a young Eliza was trapped and furiously tried to escape. Amé now came out of the bushes, "Eliza!" she yelled. The men turned around, their eyes now gazing on a much prettier catch.
     "You let go of her now, if you don't I swear I'll open up your skull!" I shouted, defiant. One of the men pinned Eliza to the floor, her head making a horrible crunch against the pebbles and rocks as it did, while the two other men turned and walked towards me.
"Well, we'll see about that won't we?" One remarked, grinning toothlessly.
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