Warmth in the Snow

My first Movella post! It's one of my first stories after a very long time of not writing.

The story is set in a cold winter, and all the characters want is to feel warmth.


1. Snow

Amy sat alone playing with the house she had made with snow. Her cheeks were as pink as her earmuffs, which were a soft contrast against her white bonnet and coat.


But she didn’t want to build just a house. She wanted a whole village. How is she supposed to make a village, if she couldn’t even use her hands properly?


“It’s so hard to build with these mittens on.” She sat gloomily, staring at her lonesome tiny white house and right beside it, her futile attempt at a small tree. She settled to make a bush instead.



“You’re not going to take those off, sweetie,” Sarah said.


Amy’s fingers were numb anyway, mittens or no. Removing them was an appealing idea, especially with the thought that she could make her snow village more easily without the gloves. But she was a good girl, so she followed.


Sarah sat watching the pretty girl from a bench nearby, which was next to the only fountain in the park. When it wasn’t winter, she loved listening to the sound of water from the running fountain and birds chirping as they came to drink from it. She munched on her favorite sugar-coated biscuits, which she would have shared with the little singing sensations during another season. But it was winter now, so the fountain was covered enough to make it look like a deformed snowman, and the little birds were nowhere to be found.


She would rather have stayed home and finished some last minute online shopping for Christmas gifts, but she couldn’t say no to the little girl with the pink earmuffs.


Amy had only started walking last spring, and, little as she was last winter, she was never brought outside to the extreme cold. Mommy made sure of that, despite Daddy’s promises to keep her extra warm. This was Amy’s first time to play in the snow, and Sarah couldn’t deprive her of this joy anymore, not when she knew how it felt to play in the snow as a child.


“Mommy, look mommy! I made a castle with a forest!”


Her mom looked intently and smiled, “That’s wonderful, honey!” and walked over. She produced a small packet of powdered food coloring – green, to be exact. Perfect, her mommy probably thought, as she walked up and sprinkled it over the little trees around the castle. Sarah’s eyes twinkled in awe.


Mom was always prepared for things like these, she thought, while here she was feeling selfish that she brought her iPad and decided to do her online shopping here instead. She didn’t have any food coloring or glitters or fresh pine cones hidden up her sleeve to surprise her little sister.


But mom was gone now, due to a sudden accident last year, while Sarah was sixteen and a big girl. It was her responsibility to least try to give Amy the childhood that she wouldn’t experience with their mom. She looked at her little sister, smiling sadly as she remembered her own colored snow forest.


Sarah pressed the button to make her gadget sleep, placed it back in her bag, and walked over to sit beside her sister who was fourteen years younger and full of hope. She knew she had to be part of Amy’s life, like her mom was part of hers.

“You know what, sweetie, sure, you can take your mittens off. But don’t tell Daddy, okay?”


Amy smiles her sweetest smile, her pink cheeks turning red with happiness. “I won’t, I promise.”

“You want me to help you build your house?”


“I want to build a snow village, actually.”

“Okay, let’s build your snow village.” Sarah kissed Amy on the forehead, smiled, and started forming the first successful snow tree.


Their hands were cold that day, but Sarah knew their hearts were warm. “This is for you, mom” she whispered as they finished the little village.

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