Joy Of life

James Norman's day of lie


1. James Norman


The joy of life is easy to reach,but do we really reach it in time to find peace.


That was one thing James Norman always had been thinking about, did he get more out of his life than the rest of his family.

could he find the joy of his childhood and make it return, or could he find the joy of seeing things for the first time.

One thing he did know was that, he saw life in his family, mostly his children -

But he never made the most with them, before it was to late. before they were gone, dropped by time..

He often thought of the day, the 22nd of nov. 2005 - still long time ago, but the pain, had not yet healed him.


For 7 years, he had still been seeking the same joy, as when he looked in the eyes of his children.

His mental state had been on and off, in those years, he had also been in and out of hospitals.

He often told himself he was to blame, What if he had been home that day, then he would have been with them today.


The day was a day, As any other day, James Norman woke up half past 07 o'clock -  while he Jumped out of bed, he forgot to brush his hair, and ran down the stairs, eventhough he was late he always took time to kiss his family goodbye - he had always had the believe that, you should love them as it was the last time, but he had never dreamed it would come true in his lifetime.

But it did happen, suddenly, it was a new reality - His most precious children had dissapeared, not just when he was away, but he saw their pain and their suffering, he saw the look in their eyes as they went away -

Nothing has been the same since - Though James had Gone to work, and had a social life with the friends, that stayed when he was down.

He would never leave the place where it all had ended, Rainy days made him cry - Snowy days made him chill -

But most of all, every 22nd of november he went to the place, and just stood, in the hope that, they would come and hug him - Just one last dance - But it never came -


The news papir said 23rd of november 2005

 [Mayor Crash - No (survieres)]


That day was like any day -  News papir cuts on his hand - coffee on the table

one thing though was different, he had just been away for 3 days to go to Cornwall, for a summit on wedding dresses -  he wanted to marry Laura, so he had lied

He told her he was going to a meeting, a three day meeting ..

- Laura was his fiance, Laura had always been happy, childhood sweethearts, And a true londener - with that corkey accent and the self confidence of lion -

She was beautifull, blue eyes, and the longest black curls....




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