Who do we even bother to go this far


1. WHY!!



Why do I even care.

Why do I even bother.

I'm so far away, to far to say " I love you"


I fancy you, everyday of my life.

I'm bound to you, with every fiber in my bones.

To me you are perfect, to my eyes your a sight of god.

To my heart you are true -


Freedom but stil faithfull in sorrow.

Freedom is nothing without you in mine

I pray, every single day, for you to see

That your are all that's within me.


I see you're sad, I see you're crying.

I feel your pain, I see the hurt.

If I could, I would take your pain -

I would take it all, just for you to feel okay.


Hold your hands tight in mine,

Kiss my lips and you will be fine.


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