Heidi has been in so many beauty competitions, been to so many photo shoots, but she's never got what she deserves...the top. Then suddenly she is offered the oppertunity to model for a top designer. How far will she go to get to the top? a short story written for the fashion competition. hope you guys like it :)


1. The call

"Shut up guys, you all shouting isn't going to make the page load faster!" Heidi shouted at everyone.

Her mum was flitting around the room making calls to all of her friends; telling them how her daughter had got to the finals of the Teen Queen Beauty Pageant. Heidi's friends Megan and Jess were giggling and laughing together behind Heidi's back, each of them excited to find out if Heidi had won. And last of all her sister Lulu was running in and out of the room shouting 'My sister's a supermondel' at the top of her lungs.

Heidi's shout didn't make any difference. They all continued making as much noise as possible.

Heidi sighed. Didn't they realise how important this was to her? This was her 6th beauty pageant, but it was the only one that she had she had ever gotton to the finals in.

"Load Goddamit!" she muttered under her breath. This was too important for the internet to crash.

She refreshed the page.

"Oh my God Heidi, I bet you've won. Your so pretty, way better than all those other girls!" Megan said from behind her.

"Yeah Heidi. I think this is the one. So many people voted for you!" Jess chimed in.

Heidi turned to face them. "Guys, can you just stop for one minute? I need quiet. This is serious. If I don't win, i've decided i'm giving up modelling."

Megan and Jess both gasped and horrified looks appeared on their faces.

"How can you say that?" Jess asked.

"Heidi, modelling is a part of you. You can't give it up. That would be like giving up...breathing." Megan smiled.

Heidi shook her head. "I've made up my mind. If it's not going to get me anywhere, I don't want to continue doing it. The rejection is just too depressing."

Heidi frowned at them. "What now?" she asked.

Both Megan and Jess's mouths had dropped open and they were staring at the computer in horror.

Heidi bit her lip. "It's up there, isn't it?" She asked.

Megan and Jess nodded.

Heidi slowly turned to face the computer screen. Her eyes scanned the words.

She hadn't won. She hadn't even placed.

"Heidi i'm so sorry." Megan muttered.

"I can't believe this." Jess murmured.

"Get out." Heidi said through clenched teeth. Neither Megan or Jess moved. "I said get out!" Heidi screamed.

Megan and Jess ran from Heidi's room, slamming the door behind them.


It was the day after the pageant results had been posted.

Heidi hadn't left her room since she had found out the results. Everytime her mum or dad tried to come in, she would scream at them and slam the door in their faces.

And when her sister had managed to get into her room, she had shouted at her until she ran from the room crying.

Heidi sniffed and continued deleting her modelling photos from her facebook page.

She could hear Lulu crying in her room and she could also hear her mum and dad tallking about her from their room.

"It's not right for her to be like this Mark."

"She'll get over it Juley."

Heidi sniffed again. No she wouldn't get over it. They just didn't understand what it felt like to try and try and never get what you wanted. Nobody understood.

She heard the phone ringing from the living room. She sighed. It was probably Megan or Jess calling, again. They must have called about 20 times each by now. But she still wouldn't talk to them.

Heidi heard her mum coming up the stairs, talking on the phone.

"Yes, if you could just hold for one moment, i'll get her."

Her mum souded firm and business-like. Heidi wondered who she was talking to.

It was this curiosity that stopped her from screaming when he mum knocked and opened the door.

"Heidi honey, a Mister Chance is on the phone for you." Her mum smiled eagerly.

"Who is he?" Heidi asked stonily.

Her mother could hardly contain herself. "He's a designer from a modelling agency."

Heidi jumped up and ran to the door. She grabbed the phone off her mum and then walked briskly to her window.

"This is Heidi Reed." She spoke the words using her professional tone.

"Hi Heidi, i'll make this quick. My names Jack Chance and i'm from the London Catwalk of Modelling. I saw your photo shoot from the Teen Queen pageant and I must say, it was very impressive. I have a spot open for someone to come and model my newest line 'Butterfly Nature'. If you are interested, tell me now and I shall put you down."

Heidi fought the urge to scream. "That sounds amazing. Of course i'm interested."

"Okay if you just give me your mobile number and e-mail adress, i'll get back to you in a few days. I look forward to meeting you."

"And I can't wait to meet you." Heidi breathed the words, every nerve in her body sparking.

When she eventually hung up, her mum was on her before she could even take a breath.

"What did he want?" She asked, her face alight with a smile.

Heidi took a deep breath. "He wants me to be a model!" She screamed.

Her mum screamed too and then Lulu came and joined in.

Everythings perfect, Heidi thought to herself.


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