Snowed in

Paige is ready to get out of school and go skiing with her youth group. She wants to see her friends, her crush and most of all do some skiing! When a great storm comes, she is happy to play in the snow. That's until she realizes they're snowed in. At first she's devastated, but could she use it as an opportunity to get closer to her crush?


1. Chapter one

Paige stared at the old red clock in the corner of the classroom. "Five more minutes" she thought. Five more minutes until I can leave class and get on a bus to West Virginia. Then she could see her friends and her crush, Asher. She was also more than happy to go skiing. Then she heard someone call her name.
"Paige!" her teacher Mr. Nelson shouted. "Are you paying attention?" Paige was starled. She hadn't expected for her teacher to call on her when class was almost over.
"Yes" she replied anyway.
"Oh really?" he asked. " What did you get for question number four?" Paige looked at the blank worksheet in front of her. What had she been doing for the last thirty minutes? She needed to think of an answer fast.
"Oh, sorry. I didn't get that one. " she said.
"How about number three?" Mr. Nelson said angrily. "Surely you got that one. " Paige didn't know what to do. Shouldn't they be packing up by now? "Paige! Did you do any of the problems?" The truth was, she didn't. And Paige would never lie. Not to a friend, not to her mom, not even to her math teacher.
" No. I didn't. " she said.
"Then I expect to see you in detention on Monday. If you don't arrive, you'll be serving detention in my room for the rest of the month.
Understood?" Paige didn't have time to reply because as soon as he spoke those words, the bell rang. Paige sprang out her chair and practically outside. As always, her moms car waited for her right outside the school. She open the car door and got in
"Good day honey?" her mom asked. No it hadn't been a good far.
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