Blown is the true confessions of a Secret Agent


1. Two birds one roof.


If you are reading this two things may of occurred.

I was killed in Active duty or

My cover has been Blown!


My name is Matteus F. Nomrah, am 23 and I like walks in the park and collecting Butterflies.

For years people thought I went out my way to avoid them. Disappear without a trace for days or simply ignore their calls and tweets ..

I am fully aware of the nick names I have received -

Kont Matt. 

Absent matt. 

and my favourite MugOff Matt .

Well I have a story to tell. All true and mostly confidential.  I am a Secret Agent.

I work for Wam Enterprise. An elite group of Agents skilled in all arts of combats - Wing Chun , Jeet kune do, Ninjutsu to name a few. I also received some of the finest weapon training in - firearms, swords and kali sticks.

Agents of Wam Enterprise  main role is to protect the North against covert threats to national security ... so that we can achieve the greatest impact against the most serious threats.

I was in many ways a true James Bond, but a little bit more Northern.

I was recruited by Lt Commander Shepard at the tender age of 17. I was an innocent roofer at the time . One night I forgot my house keys on the roof of a client . Foolish I know, It was a complete mission for me to get back to the house through traffic. I remember being ultra pissed as the new series of Jersey Shore was on that night.

 When I arrived I noticed the lights were on . I was gonna knock and tell them-

"Hey am the roofer guy, left my keys on ya roof just gonna go up and collect em"


 I decided not to, it was bad enough I left my keys. I didnt need a witness to it. So I went about my business as quiet as I could.

I got on the roof as agile as a cat, torch in hand I scanned the  roof for my keys. They twinkled when the light of the torch touched them. With a grin on my face I forgot my agile cat posture and stomped towards the keys like a sweaty excited Hippo.

Just as I stepped towards my keys ,the roof gave way. And I fell down onto something soft.

At that precise moment directly beneath me an EDF Assassin holding a P99 with a silencer, was a taking aim to shoot and kill  Lt Commander Shepard's wife.

Unknown to me at the time the house belonged to Shepard.

He was in the shower and  didn’t have a clue until I came down crushing the EDF Assassin.

The EDF or "Earnest Defence Force" had released a hit on Shephard and his Family.

EDF was like Wam enterprise but a little bit more southern. They sold information to the highest bidder, they killed the innocence for financial gain, they supported the Bankers, they voted for Cameron. They were straight up EVIL!


 On hearing the crushing of the EDF agent .Shepard forward rolled out the shower with his USP. 45 handgun. Ready for combat.


Shepard knew I wasn’t the treat. EDF always sent two assassins. The second assassin  ran into the room with a tactical knife and P99 ready to clean up the miss.

In his haste he didn’t notice  my torch. He ran straight upon it . Losing his balance and his grip of his tactical knife. Due to the debris there was no space to maneuver.

His tactical knife went straight up into the air. As he fell face first into the ground.

The Knife spun in the air. Its blade sharp. On the blades second rotation, it fell down hard and fast  landing with a thud into the back of the skull of its master. Unwittingly I had just killed two EDF agents…

Yeah I know am an O G!  

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