Firmly in the "Other" category

Below is a text I found in chinease and got automatically translated. Isint it awsome?
please help me continue the story on comments:


1. Ok very strange start from an automatic translation


please continue the story on the comments. But lets make it a real story no more non-sense please. (Ok some nonsense  is ok) but lets make this a story

I'll try to pick the best bits and make them chapters. (aliens, love, or aliens in love you make  the category)


I chose this because it is such a bad failure of google translate from Chinese that I could not help but laugh... and think its a hell of a challenge for writers :-)

Here we go:



Parasitic hairy ball heard? Parasitic goal decomposition synthesis of rare props, to see the enemy unhappy also can be broken down its mandate props, destroy the tasks I might even get hold of the best props to go because of who you step on people! I'm not flying mounts?  Do not mount to fly directly to you to see!  To show off beautiful sister? ...... Estimated that you will inferiority to death!


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