The Morph Kin

Lydia is an isolated teenage girl, keeping to her own company and feeling like the odd one out. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell anyone: she can change into animals. It has happened for years, and Lydia is finally desperate to find out answers. She will soon find out that there is something more to her special ability, and that she may not have to be the odd one out anymore.


1. Odd One Out

   The ginger cat twitched its whiskers and peered around anxiously with wide yellow eyes as it hurried lightly along the neat pavement of the housing estate. A crowd of laughing children came stampeding down the path, making the cat leap into safety of a nearby bush. The cat waited intelligently until the excited children could be hear no more, and re-appeared once more, its ears pressed flat against its head.

   The autumn evening sky was streaked with pink clouds, and it was getting darker by the minute. This was no problem for the feline who carried on padding silently along the lamp-lit path, its eyes glowing mysteriously. It slipped through the gate of a nearby house, modern looking but almost identical to all the other houses on the estate.The house was huge in comparison to the elegant little cat, who made its way up to the brightly coloured front door. The cat pushed through the cat flap positioned on the door, a little clicking noise echoing through the quiet garden.

   The fiery coated animal didn't seem to relax until it was past a sleeping black cat, curled up in a wicker basket with a cosy looking blanket in the hallway, and up the stairs into a bedroom filled with objects in every shade of blue imaginable. It shuddered and alarmingly started to distort, its legs shooting upwards, growing taller and taller, the fur shrinking back to reveal pale skin.

   In fact, it was a person. I was that person. An auburn haired girl. I sighed and sat down on my turquoise bed, my head in my hands. I picked up a scruffy notebook and flicked through the pages of scribbles until I found a clean page, grabbed a pen and simply wrote down:

                                                             10th September. Cat.  

   I lay back on the bed, gazing thoughtfully up at the ceiling. It had been like that for as long as I could remember. It had happened so many times I had lost count. I didn't exactly know why it happened, the only thing I knew is that I shouldn't tell anyone, ever. I wasn't sure why I knew that either, I just had a gut feeling that it was the right thing to do. It happened every night, bang on 6 o'clock.

   “Lydia!” my mum screeched from downstairs. “Food's ready!”    I pulled myself tiredly off the bed and wandered downstairs. A plate of steaming spaghetti bolognese was waiting on the dining room table, the smell filling my nostrils and making my mouth water. I hadn't realised how hungry I was.The transformation always made me hungry and exhausted. I snatched my knife and fork off the table and began to wolf my meal down.

   I glanced at my family sat around the table. My sister, who was the same age as me, raised an eyebrow at my enthusiasm in the meal, and twirled her spaghetti round and round her fork. Apparently she was on a diet, even though her and the whole of my family were stick thin. Mum was eating her food very posh and delicately, and tutted at my older brother, who had already finished his meal in 10 seconds flat.

   “Aaron, you can't enjoy food eating it that quickly!” Mum complained.    “Let the boy eat how he wants Karen!” Dad exclaimed, bolognese smeared across his chin, making him look like an out of control vampire.    “I agree with Mum,” my sister said plainly. “I don't know where you put it all Aaron, you eat so much.”    Aaron grinned at me from across the table.

   Aaron had always been my favourite sibling. My sister Annie wasn't exactly nice to me, and seemed to get all the attention. She'd flick her blonde hair and widen her blue eyes, and just like that people would do anything for her.

   I was the complete opposite.                

   People usually seemed to stay well away from me. Was it the fact that I read 24/7 or that I disliked the newest music? Was it that I preferred to watch a good fantasy film instead of a comedy or romance?

   If people knew my secret, would they like me?

   My mum broke me out of my trance by asking about the day I was dreading.

   “So are you excited for your birthday tomorrow?” she asked Annie and I.

   Yes, unfortunately Annie was my twin.

   “I just don't want to age I guess,” I shrugged.

   Mum and Dad laughed, clutching their bellies.

   “You'll only be 15! You sound like a middle aged woman!” Mum spluttered.

   I ignored her. I didn't want to be 15. When you're older, people judge you more. I just wanted to be a child, innocent and care free.

   “I hope I get those amazing new straighteners!” Annie said happily, before leaving the table.

   Mum and Dad glanced at each other awkwardly. I was guessing they hadn't bought those 'amazing straighteners.'

   I smiled to myself and left the table, walking up the stairs and into my bedroom. I grabbed the battered notebook from the sky blue chest of drawers beside my bed. I looked at each page. Crow, mouse, bee, dog . The biggest animal I'd ever become was a Shetland pony. Luckily that day my parents were out, Annie was at a party and Aaron at band practice. I'd paced, well trotted, up and down my bedroom, trying to mutter to myself but only snorts and neighs coming out.

   I had only started recording my transformations in a notebook since I was 10. I can't remember the first time it happened, it just seemed so ordinary now.

   I'd noticed there seemed to be no pattern in my transformations. Utterly and completely random animals.

   I needed answers. It had gone on too long.

   I needed to know why and how I could change into animals.






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