The Unexpected!

This story is about a girl named Tiffany (me), going to the Justin Bieber 'Believe Tour'. They are really excited but unfortunately have far back seats.


1. Waking up!

I woke up at 6am shouting 'Believe'. I can't believe it im going to Justin's 2nd UK tour. I ran into my mom's room and woke her up. She told me i didn't have to be their till 7pm so go back to bed. I told her how me and chelsea are goin to town early getting some stuff then going down to the NIA. So she gave me £30 and went back to sleep. I ran downstairs and grabbed my favourite cereal 'Captain Crunch'. I started buying it on a website alongside 'Sour patch kids' ever since I have liked Justin Bieber. After i finished my breakfast I rang Chelsea and told her to get ready, she told me she was just getting changed and she will be done, So we hung up and I ran upstairs to get changed, I put on my Purple shorts, White top that says 'Biebers Girl', a purple jacket, my purple and white hightops and my purple ny yankees cap. I grabbed my bag and put in a few boxes of sour patch kids, One of my bieber books and my believe album in case we got to meet him. Chelsea text me to hurry up, so I quickly straightened my hair, Put my makeup on and ran downstairs. I can't believe it took me 2 hours to get ready, I must want to impress.

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