Crystal Gazing


1. Crystal Gazing

Floating strokes of spilled aqua,

Drift to my windowsill nostalgia,

Through dead waves of astral night

Granting my illusions furious flight.

To Ancient Babylon, seeking the lost hanging garden with a bard on

my side squeaking, and love in my heart reeking, I saw in dawn

My humanity.

And through pangs of insanity,

First felt how howlling howls hand begun,

To slay the passionate sun.

I now know no truths but one, that after Gaia's last fallen snow,

It will be this curious light that sets face and thoughts finally a glow.

And all I felt was eternal, yes, and aching with tender yes, wondrous

splendour yes, and living monstrous yes, and mad giving yes, and yes

myth of yes, and his heart was waking yes, waking his heart yes, his waking heart

yes, eternally yes.  

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