Three Poems from the Arteries

I wrote these when I was nine,
When I used to write poetry all the time :l
My Mum was filing through my old stuff and showed me them "'cos [she] thought they were quite good actually" :P
Weird how my nine year old self and me now are so different.
Even though it wasn't that long ago...
Anyways ~~
Here you go...


1. Penny

The shadows were creeping and crawling and sneaking,

They were biding their time.

The girl was right and bright and light,

She thought that she'd be fine.


Herself in herself,

A mirror image,

A truthful lie,

How was she to break and make and take her identity?


She tripped and slipped and ripped her sleeve,

Uncovering blood that was red.

She cried and whined and sighed,


Until her split said:

"Come be with me

In the underworld

Don't fight the shadows Penny"


She turned white and fright with a bite

Consumed her.


Could You Resist Yourself?


A well to tell and repel and show,

The distant future.

She looked and shook and stared,

But all she saw was water.


The shadows took

Away the right and bright and light

And broke her

She couldn't take it so,

She dove headfirst into

The muddy water.


A penny at the bottom of the wishing well.

I wish Penny well.



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