This is a story about Cheetah & Luce, two persons who are different in every aspect but love. Do you want to read the story about Cheetah & Luce and marvel at that universe, where you're always in danger and possibly close to love. So close, that you can burn yourself. So close, that you become confused. So close, that you don't know what to choose?
If you want this and much more, do read this story, and do not hesitate to leave comments, be they deep criticism, hate comments or slightly more resigned comments. This world is full of wonders, and I am not one of them :p

Just an afterthough;
We follow Luce & Cheetah in the past and the present. As in, before they meet, and after they meet and the happenings after.

Another afterthought:
How do you like the cover?

Another afterthought:
How do you (not) like the ending?

I would really, really like a real review of this story and some constructive criticism.
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1. Prologue: Differences


The present


An empty school corridor is in sight. Lockers fill the walls on both sides and the floor looks used by at least five hundred feet per hour. The silence is the silence of lessons, wherein students sit in their chairs and don't listen to a word spoken by their teachers, whom they sometimes don't even respect.

In the corridor, against a few lockers, two people emerge. It's a couple, though the position of them looks a little threatening. The guy is standing right in front of the girl, whose back is against the lockers. Her stomach is only a few inches from touching the guy's six-pack, and his hands are on both sides of her, pinning her in place.

The girl has goldenbrown hair, soft brown eyes and a sweet mouth that in this moment looks unsure. She is not wearing a uniform thus confirming the suspicion of the reader. She is not a student at this school. The boy who is towering over her has black hair and his blue eyes are staring into the girl's eyes. Unlike her, he is wearing a uniform, making him look quite yummy. (I didn't say that)

The boy (B): Don't give me that excuse.

The girl (G): But I really didn't hear the phone.

B: Do I seem stupid to you?

G: No. But...

B: Don't but me. What I hate most are people who buts me. Why don't you tell me the truth and get it over with?

G: I am telling the truth.

B: How long have we known each other? I can see it in your face when you're lying. And you're lying now.

G: You can get accused of harming me if you don't let me go.

The boy looks uncertain, as if the next moments will decide how the plot will move on. His hands fall away from the girl, and she rubs her arms, even though the boy didn't touch them. He runs his hand through his hair, thus making it fly. He sighs and looks at the girl, who is making herself look smaller.

G: What did I do?

B: I want to ask you the same. I want to ask you a million other questions. I want to ask you, what happened to us.

G: I don't know

B: If my teacher knew I was out here arguing with my girlfriend, he'd make sure I wouldn't do it again.

They smiled, thus showing that they still understood each other quite well. When they realised what they were doing they looked away, as if knowing was too awkward. The boy moved to stand next to her. Both of them stood watching the empty hallway, not saying anything.

G (in a low voice): I was not home when you called.

B: Where were you?

G: Don't get mad, Pete. I... I was with Dean.

B (mad): Dean? That Dean? The Dean I hate?

G: That was why I didn't tell you anything, Pete. I... it wasn't me. My parents made me go. They said that ...

B: They said that you would be better off without me. That I am a bad influence, and that Dean is presentable and has money and goes to a fancy school and is going to be a laywer or a doctor. He is going to make so ...

G: Stop, Pete. Don't you trust me?

B (sad): It's so hard, Luce. So freaking hard.

G (hurt): Is it really so hard to trust me?

B: If only it was you, Luce. Then I could just get it over with and break the bonds between us. (He stalls, muttering in a low voice): So damn hard.

G: Pete?

B: Just... (He rakes his hand through his hair, making the hairtips fly every which way)

G (panicked at his tone) : What, Pete?!

B: Maybe ... Maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore. It's -

G (calculating voice): Is it my parents?

B (looks uncertain) : No. It's ...   (He moves his jaw this way and that, casting a glance at Lucy) It's The Scorpions.

G (angry): What are you doing, Pete? Didn't you promise me not to start this again?

B (looks angry): But Luce! They cornered one of our mates and socked him witless! We're brothers, Luce. Can't just ignore an assault like this! That would be a mighty insult.

G (anger seeps out): Who was it? (The question let's us know, that she has talked with at least a few of Pete's friends.)

B: Careener.

G: Why, why shouldn't we see each other anymore, Pete?

B: Ain't no one touch ma moll*.                                                 *Girlfriend

G (crossing her arms): Language, Pete.

B: It's not easy, Luce. Not easy at all.

Luce doesn't ask the obvious question: "What could they possibly do to me?" Because when it's about gangs and especially a dangerous gang as The Scorpions, the obvious thing they could do would be too many things, starting with rape and torture and increasing in intensity and violence. Luce shudders involuntarily and Pete puts his muscular arm around her, bringing her closer.

B: I'll not leave you without protection, Luce.

 Luce says nothing, though she leans closer. She looks up at him and leaves a faint kiss on his cheek. Pete tries hard to ignore the sudden passion and love that erupts in his heart at this show of affection. He stands up and takes a few steps away from her, making the distance between them seem longer. Luce stands up too and looks at him with apprehension and love.

G: Don't do anything rash, Pete.

B (nods seriously)

G: I'll see you around, Pete.

B: Don't find me again, Luce. Too dangerous. Don't want you to fall in danger.

G (nods): Bye, Pete. (She turns around abruptly, disconnecting their conversation. She stops in her tracks and turns around. Pete is looking at her with burning eyes). I'll miss you.

Pete nods and looks after her retreating back. They both feel the hunger and they both push it away, afraid of lingering too much. When he can't see her anymore he returns to class, pondering how to best approach the security of Luce.






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