Just For You

It's a poem dedicated to my best friend who went abroad. I wrote this to explain my feelings to her.


1. A poem for my dearest friend...

Just for you

My dear friend

I wrote this just for you

Because more than anyone

I love you

We have been friends

Ever since we were little

We had the same favorite song

‘The Yellow Submarine’, by the Beatles

We used to have lots of fun

Because we always played together

We were very happy with what we had

Because we had each other

We made each other smile

We could never see each other cry

When I recall those happy moments

I let out a sad sigh

You promised never to leave my side

You promised you’ll always be there

But now when I look around to find you

I don’t see you anywhere near

You had always been there for me

You had been my true friend

But because of some misunderstandings

Our friendship started coming to an end

You had made many new friends

But I had none

My life became a dark night

Without you my bright sun

Did you ever notice how hurt I was?

When you started to ignore me?

Without a place in your heart

There was nowhere I could be

Without the same love between us

Years of our friendship became lame

But deep down in my heart I knew

None of us was to blame

I miss you every second of my life

Because you are now miles apart

I wrote this poem to somewhat lessen

A pain of sadness deep in my heart

No matter how far the distance between us

For me you’ll always be my best friend

They say every friendship doesn’t last forever

But to our friendship, there shall be no end.

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