Touch of fear

A myster that a girl tries to find out, but would that mean that she would have to lose her life??


1. What was that?

My cheek felt cold against the bare window. There was something lurking through the black atmosphere. It was white, translucent. It moved wherever if felt like. It moved swiftly and gently like a ghost, the moves were soft and reluctant. It covered the sky. It was fog. The stars were nowhere to be seen, the moon had completely vanished. The reflection of the sky fell upon an extended river. The water moved silently without a peep and never disturbs its surroundings. Among the river stood a lonely tree. It danced to the beat of the wind. The leaves piled on the floor and the branches looking for warmth and protection. The view looked stunning, it felt so dreamy, and then something g made me jerk away from the bare window.

I slowly shifted from the window. I pulled my jumper on hastily, and made languidly my way towards the door. Each step I took, my feet trembled. The beat of my heart started to accelerate. I was petrified. I hauled in front of the door. I lifted my rickety hand and placed it on the rusty door knob. With great trepidation I twisted the door knob and pulled the door towards me. Leisurely I stepped out of my room. I felt a wave of fear rub through my spine, I felt my nerves expanding. No one was out in the corridor, was it only me who heard the noise? Was I imagining it? I didn’t know the answers to them. I pivoted to face the door, the room I thought I heard a sound from.

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