My Writing Diary

This is just the steps I use here, and maybe a few inspiration notes. If you're interested, read it, but if you're not, please don't read it then insult me. :( Anyway, this will refer to other people's movellas, so if you choose to follow these steps with me, you might want to find them. That's all!


101. 10th November 2014

Hello again! I've had a wrist problem for a few weeks now and there was nothing really to report. I'll get to some of my writing news later but here's an entry on writing thoughts.

I was writing the third chapter (excluding prologue) of The Pod and decided I wanted to go onto in-detail planning. I'm currently at chapter 17 in terms of planning and I'm not going to bore you with my aims. But, anyway, the idea that sparked this had a fresh, new and controversial feeling. The prologue was kind of anarchy and promise. The next three chapters appear action-based with strategically-placed tinges of major emotion. While I was planning, I started listening to a certain sad song that just fit and looking at the Kübler-Ross model for loss and grief and playing Duet (which just happened to be related to that)... It reflects in the story. Not that I feel it's turned into something repetitive and trashy and dingy. But, when outlining the story as a whole, I worried there would be nothing but walking and talking to do in between each major event. There are huge emotions that have fallen into the gap and made this small section of the journey a lot more social and emotional than the parts either side. I don't know how it'll turn out in writing but it looks appealing in notes.

On the other hand, it gives me the chance to portray family and grief and platonic love. And how far my characters change from who they are at the start and who they're forced to be later on.

I want to reform my plans for Crumbling Earth, make them bigger and bulkier and longer. It'll take an eternity to write but I'll get my job done properly. In a manner of speaking - not to say that anyone truly knows the 'proper' way to write.

That's all for now. I'm off to finish a scene and plan more.

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