1. Prologue


There was a time where if possible, he would have left her. He would have walked away without a mere glance over his shoulder. But something changed-something in his head made him change his mind. Or, or maybe it was her who changed it. Her ,this beautiful woman who had always battled with him.The woman who had begged for his attention.He wanted all of her attention. He wanted her all to Himself. He didn’t deserve her, this was true. What other man could love her as much as he did? He hoped that this precious woman hadn’t given up on him. The girl that had always been fighting for him couldn’t let him down now right ? She had already suffered so much because of him. He had broke her heart over & over again with his cruel words & devilish taunts, he needed to make the vulnerable woman his & kiss her wounds so she could be strong again. For the first time in his life, he had actually began to care about someone. Every time he had hurt her , he had felt it run deep into his veins. When he said he loved her , he knew he wasn’t just pretending to get into her pants, on some unconscious level , he knew he had meant it. He hadn’t been ready for it & that was all his own fault. He hadn’t seen her since they left school , she had hugged him but she hadn’t really spoke to him , she had just looked at him. Her deep brown eyes seemed to glaze over when gazed at him. She couldn’t speak to him anymore , she was too afraid, afraid that he would bruise her or hurt her heart again. He knew he would see her one last time, one time where she would be all dressed up for another man. He was sure she was going with Aaron, she used to hate him but they had become close over the last few months. I had heard her call him her best friend. I sensed they’re was more to it than that though. He deserved her even less than I did. Nobody could love her the same way he did, nobody. Technically Aaron had never planned to go to prom , he didn’t believe in the concept , it was made by Americans to excite young teenage girls but since Amber was dateless & he had promised to be by her side , her had brought a ticket & a suit for her. He fixed his tie in front of the mirror, his tie matched her dress. She had brought it for him , Aaron didn’t quite understand why he was doing so much for her. A few months ago , Amber had been nothing but an irritating annoyance to him but this was before he knew her. Once they had started , he realised she was intelligent , brave and very caring but she had a sweet vulnerable side. He knew her vulnerable side revolved around James. He knew he would never replace him but he had never wished to. He hoped to be better than the person who had left his best friends heart butchered. He heard a knock on his door , he knew it would be her. He waited patiently to see how good she would look. She strode over to him , he grinned at her & she fixed his tie for him. “Looking good Ambs” He complimented lightly “I was thinking the same about you Azza” She gushed happily, when she smiled at him , he knew his feelings for her were not budging anytime soon.He had never told her , she had never mentioned anything but both of them knew they had a companionship that couldn’t be matched. Even though they could fight violently , he also thought that someday they would make love. Amber climbed into the car carefully , she knew tonight would be hard, she would see him again. She knew it would make her raw , she hadn’t seen him in so long & tonight would be the test of whether or not she was truly over him. She wanted to be over him , she didn’t want to have this burden upon her anymore. Aaron sat beside her , he seemed to know what tonight meant to her even though she hadn’t said anything. He had found her looking at a photo of her & James, she had burst into tears & he ended up being her shoulder to cry on. She missed James even though she felt there was nothing to miss. Aaron was a placebo , he filled the gap that James had carved out within her. His words were like weapons; cold and violently brutal. Alex sat in the car , he had told his friend he would be going prom & they had laughed at him. He was alone , he decided that was the best way. He didn’t care about what people thought of him. It was between him & beloved Amber , he just wanted to see her all dressed up. He needed to try & fight for her one last time , if she said no he would let her be happy. Maybe Aaron would be better for her , he wouldn’t hurt her because he was scared , he wouldn’t walk straight past her like she didn’t exist. He just wouldn’t love her in the same way. Alex loved Amber because she loved him ,he had never been good enough for anyone else.His own parents had never loved him without condition. They loved him when he was a good little boy. Amber loved him when he was horrible. The car drew up at the venue, he looked outside, he couldn’t see her mingling in the crowds of people.He got out of the car then glanced to the side. He had found her. Amber took Aaron’s hand , she stepped out the car elegantly. She looked stunning , he had never seen her like this. She had always looked grungy in her skinny jeans & converse. Her blonde hair was curled and pinned up in a simple style that looked amazing , she was wearing a strapless floor length white silk dress with blue ribbon belt tied in a bow at the back. She could feel someones eyes upon her , she glanced to the side then noticed Alex stood a few inches away from her. A little smile lifted up her lips, Alex couldn’t stop looking at her. She looked so angelic & beautiful. Aaron saw the exchange , he let go of her hand. She let it fall down & didn’t even register that he had walked away. Alex crossed the few inches in between them, he took her hand & kissed it smoothly.No words had been spoken because neither of them knew what to say , she hadn’t fully looked him in the eye. She was too afraid to. Aaron never asked if he was good enough , he would always know he would never match up to this seemingly perfect Alex. He could never comprehend the appeal of him , he though Alex didn’t even look right standing next to beautiful Amber. He knew Amber though , she wouldn’t given up on him. She had too much faith in his love. Alex couldn’t really love her, she just made him feel better about his despairing life. He couldn’t really love her because he had broke her. He had turned her into a shadow





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