Drive till you lose the road

Set during the 2nd season. Haley has left for New York, but can she avoid the temptations that come with the rock star's lifestyle? And if she falls, who will be there to help her pick herself back up?


1. Are you still who you were

"Pop princess Haley James, spotted partying with the A list at downtown New York hot spot." Lucas read through the article quickly. He shook his head as he balled up the tabloid and tossed it into the trash. He felt slightly guilty for throwing out Brooke's magazine, but apparently it was full of lies and trash talk anyway. The Haley that he knew was too responsible to get caught up in all the glitz and glamour that came with her chosen lifestyle.   


Turning, he saw Brooke bounding down the hallway towards him. He couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. His thoughts could be touching on the darkest of subjects and she could still manage to bring a smile to his face.

"Well come on, Broody! School isn't going to wait for me."Brooke said jokingly as she placed her hands on her hips.



"Sorry, I was just reading about Haley." Lucas said, a hint of sadness in his voice. He missed Haley more than ever.

"Oh, yeah? What's tutor girl up to? Oh wait, I know, ding-dong-ditch, marriage style." Brooke said sarcastically. Lucas rolled his eyes. Brooke could rail on Haley, tirelessly.


"No, actually it was more along the lines of beer bongs, nightclub style." Lucas retorted. Brooke's jaw nearly hit the floor.

"Haley? No way! Oh well, too bad it's probably not true. That would make great gossip." Brooke shrugged, grabbed her purse and steered Lucas out the door.


School seemed to drag on for Lucas. Luckily, they only had a little over a week of school left before summer vacation. His mind kept slipping back to the article he'd skimmed that morning. He and Brooke had planned to drive up to New York and see Haley this weekend. He had been getting excited about the trip, until he read that article. Seeing the picture of Haley in less clothes than he'd ever seen before, dancing with a group of young movie stars, was cause for concern in Luke's book.

"Mr. Scott, Earth to Mr. Scott?" Lucas jerked his head up to see the class giggling and looking back at his desk.


"Uhh.." Was all he managed before the bell rang, signaling the end of class. He quickly gathered up his books and was joined by his brother, Nathan, as they exited the classroom.

"What's up with space cadet act?" Nate asked, as they walked down the hallway. Lucas shrugged and shook his head. He didn't want to tell Nathan what he'd read about Haley. She was still a sore topic with him.


"I didn't sleep well last night." Luke said quickly. He stopped at his locker and was putting his books away when he noticed Peyton and Brooke walking up.

"Were you keeping Luke up all night, Brooke?" Nathan asked jokingly. Brooke raised her eyebrows and glanced from Nathan to Lucas.


"Not that I'm aware of, why?" She asked in confusion. Nathan threw Lucas a glance before responding to Brooke.

"No reason, Luke was just spacing out in class." Nathan said lightly.


"He was probably contemplating tutor girls demise into the sad state of club whore." Brooke mused bluntly. Lucas sighed. He should have warned Brooke not to mention the article to Nathan.

"What the hell is she talking about Luke?" Nathan asked with a edge of anger to his voice.


"It's nothing, man. I was just flipping through Brooke's girly mag and saw an article about Haley. It just said that she's been out partying a lot. I'm sure it's nothing. Probably not even true. You know how those things are." Lucas explained, trying to pacify Nathan.

Nathan gave him a searching look before nodding. Lucas waved to the group and headed off to his next class. He hadn't talked to Haley in months. The last time he'd talked to her, she'd told him that hearing his voice hurt her too much. She hadn't called back since. He sincerely hoped that it was nothing.

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