Charlie is trying to find herself again through a vacation. What would happen if she met the actor that her so-called best friend worships but she undeniably hates, but doesn't really recognize him because of some changes the actor, Gabriel Simoun, did to himself?


6. Words I Couldn't Say


Charlie woke up at 7 a.m, she decided to skip breakfast and start the tour in Verona by herself. She went to souvenir shops and museums, like Castel Vecchio, which is an art museum. She enjoyed strolling around and taking pictures. She ate local food for lunch and dinner, then she went back to the hotel with her feet so tired from all the walking she did during the day. The same routine happened in the next six days. She’s been a lot of places already but still she hadn’t grew familiar with the streets, she’d be lost sometimes because she cannot read the map properly. And she’s not good with directions. It’s a shock to her as well that she was able to survive going around Verona.

            In her seventh day in Verona, she decided to go to Juliet’s balcony. There are a lot of people when she came. There were lovers from all ages, there were broken hearted girls too. They wrote in a piece of paper and stuck it on the brick wall below the balcony. Some of the girls were crying. Charlie sat on the bench right in front of the wall. She pulled out a notebook from her bag and tore a piece of paper. She started to write with no hesitation.


            I don’t understand anything anymore. My best friend betrayed me. She betrayed me but she didn’t make a big deal out of it…because I didn’t. I didn’t because I was afraid to lose her. She’s my only best friend. And it’s kinda hard for me to make friends in high school because of a pathetic and absurd reason. I pretended that I didn’t know about my boyfriend cheating me, with her. But when I caught them, like, face to face, she first denied it. But then I told them that I knew everything. Confrontations aren’t my thing. That’s why, maybe, I was able to keep it to myself about knowing the truth for two months. Maybe I was scared to know the truth, Daniel would tell me that he loves Lisa than me, or I was scared to admit to myself that the only friend that I have, one of the few people that I fully and truly trust betrayed me. I forgave her, Juliet. I took her back. But I broke up with Daniel for good. After everything, she acted like nothing happened between us. It seemed like she wasn’t ashamed of what she has done to me. She must not have known, but I cried every night and I wasn’t myself for months because I missed Daniel. Everything came back to normal, at least for her, because for me, I know at the back of my mind, nothing will be the same. And now, I don’t know why everything’s coming back to me. I don’t really know why after two years it came to bother me.


                                                                                                   Charlie xx

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