Charlie is trying to find herself again through a vacation. What would happen if she met the actor that her so-called best friend worships but she undeniably hates, but doesn't really recognize him because of some changes the actor, Gabriel Simoun, did to himself?


1. The Superstar


Charlie is laying on her queen-sized bed with her phone beside her on loudspeaker. She's been convincing her friend, Lisa, to not bring her to Grabriel Simoun's shooting for his new film, near their place. He's a handsome, dreamy and ultra-famous actor and singer. She isn't crazy for him as much as Lisa does. Lisa has his posters and all his albums and movies. She even stalks the actor sometimes. But Charlie sort of dislike him, she thinks he's cocky and big-headed, she thinks all the actors are.

"Lisa, please. I can't go. I have....things to do." Charlie lied.

"Like what Charlie? It's saturday afternoon. You can do school stuff tomorrow. C'mon! You know how long I've waited for him to come in town!" Charlie cringed as Lisa answered her with her high sqeaky voice. "I'm coming over to get you. Be ready in ten minutes. Okay?" Lisa demanded.

Charlie couldn't do anything anymore. Lisa won, again. She waited downstairs, in her art room. She scribbled things in a paper just to pass the last three minutes before Lisa would arrive. She heard the door sqealed then she turned.

"Miss, your friend is here." the butler said.

"Okay, I'll be out in a minute, George." Charlie smiled. He nodded and closed the door softly.

Charlie's footsteps echoed in their enormous and grand yet empty mansion, as she walked towards the front door. The butler opened the giant wooden door for her. He smiled.

"George, if my father will come home today and will look for me, tell him I'm with Lisa." He nodded. "But I bet he wouldn't even notice my absence right?" She jokingly said.

"Don't say that Miss."

"Well, thanks George." She smiled. Then the door was closed.


"What took you so long?" Lisa said as Charlie slid in the front seat of Lisa's red convertable. 

"Let's go." Charlie sighed. 

Lisa started the engine and drove off. 

"Hold this please." Lisa handed over a paper bag. Charlie peeked to see what's in it. Her brows met with disappointment as she saw Gabriel's albums and posters.

"What do you like so much about this guy? I just don't see it." Charlie blurted.

"He's cute Charlie. And he has a very nice voice. He's so cute that I want to make him small and put him in my chest pocket wherever I go" She smiled dreamily.

"That's disgusting." 

"You're the only one who dislikes him. You've seen the girls, even guys, that chases him."

"I'm sure I'm not the only one." Charlie defended.

"Well, let's see about that." she pointed her lips to a crowd few feet away from where she parked.

"C'mon." She grabbed the paper bag from Charlie and rushed into the crowd. Charlie followed her unethusiastically. 

She stood a meter away from the crowd of screaming girls, jumping and pushing their way through security just to see The-Gabriel-Simoun. She looked for a place to sit for while waiting for Lisa. She found a coffeeshop nearby and decided to have some hot chocolate in a chilly afternoon. She stayed by the tables outside so that Lisa would see her right away.

She took a sip of hot chocolate and felt the warmth traveled towards her stomach. The peaceful ambiance of the coffeeshop was ruined by the screams and cries of the fans. Charlie looked at them like they're lunatics. Maybe they were. A waitress, about in her thirties served her a piece of chocolate mousse. 

"Thanks." Charlie said politely. The woman walked away, but then she stopped and turned back.

"Why aren't you....." She was reffering to the crowd.

"Oh. I'm not a fan. And I hate crowds." She chuckled.

"Really? Wow." 

"Yah." Charlie smiled.

"I'll go back in now. Don't hesistate to order more." She giggled.


It's starting to get dark and the crowd is still prevailing. The screams became louder when Gabriel got out the set and signed autographs. Charlie saw Lisa running madly towards her hugging the paper bag and balancing all the things inside avoiding for it to fall out. 

"Charlie, let's go. Quick!" She pulled Charlie's arm. She's panthing. They started running.

"Where are we going?" Charlie asked with furiousness in her voice.

"Shhh..." She stopped Charlie and lowered her head as they entered an alley. Charlie followed hesitantly.

Lisa opened the door slowly and they slid in through a small opening. Then Lisa pushed it close soflty.

"What are we doing here Lisa?!" she whispered angrily.

"We're going to Gabriel's dressing room."

"What?!" she nswered with disbelief.

They snuck around, making minimal to no noise at all so that they wouldn't get caught. 

"What is that?" Charlie stopped and pulled back Lisa as she heard screams.

"Oh no! girl fans! Hide. There! There! get in there, I'll just sneak in quickly in his dressing room and I'll be back here okay?" She pushed Charlie gently in a room with a large vault-like door. 

"Don't close the door. It couldn't be opened from the inside. It will automatically lock." Lisa warned, the she snuck off.

Charlie sat by the door, but remained herself hidden in its dark shadow. 


Why am I putting up with this crap? Charlie thought. I don't like this guy and yet I'm being dragged along wherever he is. If we're trapped in an island, I would literally die. She thought with anger

She could hear the noise closer from where she was. She moved a bit further towards the dark to keep herself hidden. What's taking her so long? she mumbled to herself. 

The door swung open with a heavy sqeal. She turned. She assumed it was Lisa. Then the door shut close. She could see a figure but not its face.

"No!" She exclaimed. The room became so dark that she could almost see nothing.

"Who's there?" A man's voice answered.

"Why did you close the door!" Charlie ran with panic towards the door and punched and tapped hard the door with her hands as she shouted for help. She grew tired and fell into her knees. She was panthing. 

"Why did you close it?" She said weakly.

"I'm...I'm being harassed by fans and I saw this door and decided to hide in here. I didn't know someone's here." The guy sounded a bit annoyed. 

"Right. Fans." Charlie said with sarcasm.

"I'm Gabriel Simoun." The guy said proudly. He walked closer towards Charlie. Her eyes became adjusted to the darkness and could see a bit of the guy's face. Then it's confirmed. He was. He was Gabriel Simoun.





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