This is my entry for the fashion competition. I chose to do the model storyline. I listened to Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright when writing this. Please comment and click like if you like it!


1. The start.




“Im sorry, we’ve decided to go with someone else. Your look- just isn’t for us.” She had said, her piercing narrow eyes glancing over my curvy figure.

That had been the day. They day the old me slowly shrunk away, hiding. Watching silently as I morphed into a monster. That had been the day I skipped my first meal.




“Sorry mum, I already ate.”

“Do you mind if i skip dinner today? I’m not feeling very well.”

“It’s okay, I’ll grab something later.”

“Do you mind if I eat it upstairs? I’ve got loads of study to do.”

“I’m still full from lunch... Sorry.”

Excuse after excuse. Thinner and thinner.

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