Sapphires life has so far been a epic fail but when top designer Marcia Jones hosts a fashion competition. Sapphire starts to now lead a life what even she finds hard to handle, does she wish everything was back to normal?

This is my Fashion Competition entry. ENJOY!!!!


1. My Lame life so far

Monday 5th August

Hey Diary!!!

I hate my life BIG TIME. Every day something has to go wrong like today in Maths everyone laughed at me and I didn't know why, but then when I looked down I was still in my PE kit. It just feels like my life has been made for a laugh, the only thing good about me is my looks (well that's what my dad thinks and my boyfriend James), I have black curly hair at about elbow length with blue eyes and freckles. Anyway enough about me I need to talk about my friends :-). First of all I'm in this group called The Red Stones because we're all tough and bold, we've got 2 goths in the group and they're called Lizzie and Fiona and if you get in trouble with them then you'll find it hard to survive the school all year round. But then that leaves 3 off us out, Me, Zoe and Eve. All three of us have lived oh so painfully so that's how I suppose we became friends. See ya!!!

Tuesday 6th August

Hey Diary!!!

Still hate my life but I think there maybe a way of making it better 'cause at school today there was this modelling competition going on at London and it's being hosted by the Marcia Jones :-D and the prize is being the next top model in America, that would make me soooo popular if I win, next thing you know I might be able to be an actress and go on hot dates with top celebs! I'll ask my mum tommorow if I can enter if she says no then she's gonna pay...

Wednesday 7th August

Hey Diary!!!

My life is now finally getting better :-D!!!! My mum said yes and James can't wait to find out the resulsts!!! The Bad news is it's a week away I know its not that far away but I feel like every day takes a year :-( Today was just the same as normal Lizzie and Fiona going of to have a piece of someone or walking of starting to go on gossiping about the Foo Fighters and me, Zoe and Eve chatting on and on about dresses and what mansion we're going to buy if I win. It feels like everyone has got their hopes up for me when I know I'm going to loose so badly It'll be too painfull to take in. :-(


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