Warped Paradise

Two best friends plan to have the greatest summer ever. It all starts when they find an entrance to their own perfect world, but the more they go back to their perfect world the more warped and evil their paradise becomes. Will they get out of it in time or will the mysterious force drawing them in to this perfect place over run them until their perfect world gets evil it kills them.


1. Discovering Paradise

I grabbed my backpack and threw my converse on before running out the door. It's the last day of school and i'm gunna miss the bus, I think to myself. I look at my cellphone and check the time, 6:46. Shit. I sprint down the dirt road, when I get to the bus stop the bus is just pulling up. I fix my hair quickly before climbing the stairs and finding my seat. I sit down next to my best friend Ayla. I pull my backpack out of the aisle onto my lap.

"Late again?" Alya asks

"Haha, ya I ran"

"Do you have your stuff or is your dad dropping it off later?"

"I have it, this is gunna be the best summer ever!" I say excitedly

"I know! We just have to get through today without our brains exploding." Alya jokes


The bus pulls up to  the school and everyone unloads and clumps at the door. Alya and I go to our lockers then wander down the hallways to find our friends Siera and Lexi, the homeroom bell rings and once again everyone clumps into one big mob trying to shove past each other.




Finally the last bell rings signaling the end of the day, and the end of the school year. I grab my books and walk into the hallway searching for Alya. I pass by a group of Jocks who had just broke into the chorus of "school's out for summer"

"Mandie!" Someone yells

I turn around and it's Alya. She catches up to me and we get the last few things from our lockers, leave the building, and climb onto the bus.

"sophomore year is finaly over!" Alya sings excitedly

"Ya I cant wait untill next year when we can say that about junior year"

"Woahh there Mandie! How bout we own this this Uhmazing summer we are gunna have!" Alya says with hand gestures for emphasis.

The bus pulls up to Alya's house and we get off and walk to her house. When we get there we drop our back packs, pull out our towels and flipflops, put our hair up in high ponytails, and grab our towels of the ground.

"1"Alya shouts

"2" I add

"3"Alya yells

"GO!" We scream simultaneously.

We sprint down the road leaving our bags in the middle of Alya's driveway. We stop running when we reach the woods, were we carefully menuever our way around a few trees and big rocks. We walk for about a half an hour until we reach an unfamiliar pool of water.

"This isn't the same place as last year, we probably went the wrong way" Alya says

"Ya but its still a pretty big pool of water and I kinda like it better than our old place"

I look around and take in the waterfall that is about 3 feet taller than me, and the pool of water with a decent size stream flowing from either side, the water looked like the clear blue water you would see on a postcard from the Bahamas. The sun shining through the tree tops down over the water and our faces. I look over at Alya's face and I know she just took it all in too.

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