They were never supposed to mean anything to each other but they did, the place brought them together in ways they didn't expect.


1. Foreword

Sanctuary: A place of refuge or asylum.


She wasn’t ever meant to be part of his life, he was never meant to be part of hers. These two people didn’t plan to get attached; they never planned on building up a friendship. They never planned on sharing something essential to them but the sacred roof brought them together. The roof was a place of sanctuary for both of them, they weren’t sure what they were running from but they were both sure that they needed to get away. They were just teenagers who didn’t want to be alone in the world. ..................................................................................................................................................... ‘This is my place ‘ Bradley enunciated thoroughly to emphasis his point. Roxie didn’t even look at him; she finished her last drag on her cigarette before she stubbed it out. She turned her body towards him; he looked her up and down before she spoke. ‘Our place now’ ‘No, I don’t share’ He snapped carelessly at her but when her expression changed to sadness, he felt a sudden surge of surprising guilt. ‘Please’ She asked this meekly, it seemed she don’t like asking for help. Bradley seemed to weaken; she seemed to need this place as much as he did. He nodded his head; so she smiled weakly at him before she walked off and left him alone. Bradley was left there with his thoughts; he crossed to the edge of the roof and leant against the metal railings which stopped him from plummeting to an untimely death. Bradley didn’t show sympathy very often, he just didn’t let people invade his personal space and the roof had become part of that. She looked like she needed a place just as much as him. Bradley remembered her face; he had seen her around school. He just didn’t know her name. He knew he would see her again though; the roof would call to her like it did to him.

Bradley was almost called to the roof every single day, when he stood upon that roof, he had a brilliant view, it was just mesmerising. The hills and castles could be seen, the beauty of watching the sun set drew him here. Watching it become all different shades such as ochre, peach and amber just meant something to him. He wasn’t sure what it was but it was something beautiful. He was very drawn to beautiful things, in more ways that usual people were. She never returned to the roof and he couldn’t recognise her face in school for quite some time. She had never fully turned towards him so he had only seen her portrait. He couldn’t even remember what her hair colour was anymore. She did return to his roof after two weeks, he had walked up the steps to find her just stood there by the railings. She had her back to him again, she heard his footsteps but she didn’t turn around or even make a polite greeting. ‘What’s your name?’ Bradley asked this out of sheer curiosity, he didn’t know why but he felt he should know. ‘It’s Belle ‘ She replied to him quietly, he faintly recognised her name. ‘I’m Bradley He added politely. She nodded at him before she spoke ‘You don’t have to make polite conversation with me y’know; we can just be silent up here. I don’t mind’ Bradley looked at her ‘Maybe I want to speak to you’ That was the last thing he said before he left. He didn’t know why but when he came up to the roof, he felt stronger. It always felt like he was away from reality up on the roof. Belle was left stood on the roof with no idea how to take his last remark; she didn’t really know who he was. She’d heard his name around school and he was labelled as a trouble maker but that didn’t matter to her. It just didn’t bother her at all if someone was strange. She finished smoking her cigarette but she didn’t just leave this time. Belle wandered around the roof, she ran her fingers over her the metal bars; she could still feel the warmth from his fingers. She let herself smile at this very brief connection to another person, connections were foreign to her. He was exactly the same.

Belle left the roof; she resolved to come back more to this place. There was something about the place that called to her, the same way it did with Bradley. Belle walked home, she could have taken the bus but the more time she spent away from home, the better she felt about herself. Belle didn’t really have a home; she didn’t have a regular family. She was in a residential care home; she had been taken off her mother when she was three years old because her mother was riddled with problems such as depression and anxiety. Belle didn’t blame her mother for her problems; she blamed her father though because he had just left her behind. When her mother got pregnant, he had just left her to suffer alone. He had left her even though he knew she wouldn’t be able to cope alone. So t was his fault that she was this way. She resolved to keep herself aloof and foreign to everyone. Bradley had parents, he had a home. He just didn’t feel part of it, he had an emotionally distant father and his mother had run off with another man. He never understood why she had done this. She didn’t even give explanations. Bradley had been brought up to not make connections with people. The only person he had connected with had been his mother; she had left him behind without any regrets. Bradley didn’t attempt to give himself fully to other people, he had former girlfriends and flings but he had always been emotionally distant. That was why they had always failed. That was how they began on an unforeseen journey, it was something that wouldn’t make a massive change but it was something that was going to alter them.  

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