The Triangle of Truth

Well the title says it all really. Jack has always loved Lola from a distance. But when she starts talking to him, his feelings kick in majorly. And when she doesn't want to live anymore, he spends all night telling her what to live for. Until, she tells him something he's always wanted to hear her to say. But, when he has to dump her, she's broken. Unlike him, he moves on within just a few weeks.


1. The Three Points

The Points of the story are of three people. The first is Jack, a boy that has had some troubles. And now he's out of them, to be honest. He hasn't coped that easily, he's self harmed. And if it wasn't for his friends, he'd be in the cold ground. Lola, she has some issues. Well, she doesn't feel wanted or loved. Her parents are always at work, or stressed out. And her friends talk about her behind her back, and they all have issues too. So she can't tell anyone, and bottling it up is hard. And after two years, she can't take it anymore. She's been holding it back since she was fourteen, and she's sixteen in a few weeks. And the other point of this triangle, I'll tell you about soon enough...

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