1. Runaway

I do not run to flee them, I run because I can, I do not run for fear or shame, I run from what I am.


For Freedom let me through her grip, And so I fell to Power, He chained my voice, he stole my heart, He locked me in a tower.

For many years the songs I sang Were shy and full of grief, They trembled in each syllable, The notes were fleeting, transient, brief.


So instead I watched my time go by, Waiting for that call, To sign away my life, my happiness, And watch my future fall.

But then a moment came to timely, That my songs were changed, A chance to leave this room, take back my soul, So only walls remained.


I felt no inclination to look back on The place they called my home, Its memories were of its isolation, Of years I spent alone.

And so I ran with lightened step, Through the star lit night, For the languid guards took no heed Of their Princess taking flight.


No one noticed the shadow, Flitting down their street, A slight figure with soundless voice, And silent, racing feet.

Through the night I ran and ran, And knew not where to rest, For soon they would find that deserted room, Without it’s captured guest.

    I live among my people now, They call me many things; Friend, wife, maybe one day mother, For this is what my new life brings.

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